Homemade dog treats are easy with Dash Dog Treat Maker

Dash Mini Dog Bone Maker, photo provided by Dash
Dash Mini Dog Bone Maker, photo provided by Dash /

With the Dash Dog Treat Maker, homemade dog treats are easy.

The Dash Dog Treat Maker is a must have kitchen essential for all those dog mom and dads. As people explore their baking and cooking skills, why shouldn’t all members of the family get a hot, fresh treat. In a matter of minutes, a special homemade dog treat will have your dog doing tricks for another bite.

For many home cooks, they are big fans of Dash and its kitchen appliances. Building on the idea that happiness is homemade, these kitchen essentials make quick, easy work of all types of recipes. From that multi-purpose oven to the mini waffle makers for Sunday brunch, there is an item for every home cook at affordable prices.

Ahead of National Dog Day, Dash, in partnership with North Shore Animal League, has launched Express Dog Treat Maker and Mini Dog Treat Maker. These two appliances make quick work of homemade dog treats.

Shaped like little dog bones, this appliance is similar to a waffle maker. Simply pour the batter into the shaped molds and let them bake.

Since more and more pet parents looking to make homemade treats, it makes the baking process easy. With some provided recipes, the whole family can mix up a special treat for their four-legged family members.

homemade dog treats, Dash Dog Treat Maker
Dash Mini Dog Bone Maker, photo provided by Dash /

While this Dash product is intended to make dog treats, it can be used in other ways, too. With Halloween coming up, why not make some 101 Dalmation themed treats for the kids. Or, have a spooky take by turning them into skeleton bones. With a little imagination, anything is possible.

The Dash Express Dog Treat Maker available at Target and Amazon. Also, the product will be available at Kohls beginning September 1. The Mini Dog Treat Makers will be available in November. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this product will benefit National Shore Animal League America.

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