Do you know the Rules of McDelivery?

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While you’re always loving it, the Rules of McDelivery are essential.

As students head back to school, a new set of rules are added to the curriculum. The Rules of McDelivery will keep everyone in the right path to getting that perfect McDonald’s meal delivered straight to your door.

For many people, especially families, this month has been a big transition. Back to school season has had more twists and turns than people realize. In some cases, the classroom isn’t a lecture hall, it is the kitchen table.

Sure, some college kids have tried to create that backyard dorm or special enclave in the basement. Still, the school experience has a different look and feel.

No matter where that classroom is located one universal truth remains, studying can make you hungry. All that effort can make you crave a Big Mac or even some of those new Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald’s has come up with the Rules of McDelivery. While you won’t get detention for not following these rules, they are pretty helpful.

And, before you place that order, McDonald’s has a special offer. From September 8 though September 14, McDelivery though Uber Eats is offering a $0 delivery fee.

On orders of $25 or more, the delivery fee is $0. For many students, a $25 McDonald’s order will satisfy that hunger. Or, you could share with friends (or maybe your parents- they might need a tasty break too – this transition isn’t easy for them either).

If you are ready to place that delivery order, here are the Rules of McDelivery (college edition).

"Take a break to eat your McDelivery – laptops are not sauce proofDon’t get a zero on your test, but do get zero on your delivery feeOne shouldn’t be denied their “walking to class McCafe” just because they’re not walking to classHow late is too late to order fries when studying? Never o’clock."

Although these rules might not be posted on the door, they are fun. Personally, the laptop rule also applies to drinks and McFlurries. It is better to spill on you shirt than a laptop.

No matter how your back to school season looks, everyone deserves a little break. Why not place that McDelivery and get some extra food to share. With $0 delivery fee, you could say it’s part of the new economics curriculum. Would your professor agree?

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What’s your favorite McDelivery order?