Ferrero believes every day in October deserves a sweet and spooky treat

Halloween minis variety bag, photo provided by Ferrero
Halloween minis variety bag, photo provided by Ferrero /

Ferrero brings the Halloween sweet and spooky spirit to every day of the month.

While Halloween might be the witching hour, Ferrero wants to celebrate each and every day in October. Since this year’s spooky season will look different, why not offer a twist to the traditional Halloween celebration. Sometimes a little sweet and spooky treat can make any day a little brighter.

For many families, Halloween is a huge celebration. From picking out the perfect Halloween costume to planning the ultimate trick or treating route, the Halloween celebration is more than just the witching hour on October 31.

This year, everyone understands that Halloween will look different. Trick or treating will likely be altered. Some Halloween events have been modified. Still, there is plenty of Halloween candy to be enjoyed.

This year, Ferrero wants to turn every October day into a celebration. Ferrero’s 31 Day of Halloween celebration showcases how families can enjoy the spooky spirit all month long.

While many people are familiar with holiday advent calendars, this Halloween inspired fun brings a new option. For many people Halloween is just as big of a celebration as the Christmas season. Regardless of how “things” look, the family traditions need to be continued.

Since Ferrero has been part of the holiday celebrations for generations, this year continues that sweet connection. According to Mark Wakefield, Senior Vice President Marketing, Nutella and Chocolate Snacks at Ferrero North America. “This year, we expect treats to play an even bigger role in the memorable moments of Halloween for families and friends as they enjoy the traditions and excitement of the holiday all month long.”

In some ways, this Halloween adaptation could become a new tradition for many families. While the kids might love the buckets of Halloween candy on October 31, parents might prefer to spread out those sweet treats and surprises all month long.

Catherine Bertrac, Senior Vice President Marketing for Kinder North America. “Ferrero is committed to creating surprises and sparking joy this season. We want to make it easy for every family who loves Halloween to have fun and to be inspired by our brands.”

Halloween mixed candy, photo provided by Ferrero /

In some ways, this idea of 31 Days of Halloween allows families to bring even more creativity to the spooky season. Whether it is a Jack-o-lantern Nutella waffle for breakfast, baking with some Baby Ruth or making an over the top Butterfinger shake, the possibilities to bring sweet, spooky fun throughout the month are many.

While everyone may want to celebrate the spooky season, not all children have that opportunity. With the ongoing hardships in the country, a little spark of joy can make a difference in a child’s day.

Ferrero is joining forces with The Birthday Party Project to spark joy this October. The Birthday Party Project helps to bring the magic of birthday celebrations to children who are experiencing homelessness. Through this partnership, Ferrero will donate Halloween treats as well as raise awareness for the organization.

This Halloween season why not focus on what can happen instead of the differences that are happening. 31 days of Halloween fun could become the new family tradition and Ferrero has the candy that will bring those smiles each and every day.

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