Kraft Heinz encourages families to play with their food

Kraft Heinz Game Pack, photo provided by Kraft Heinz
Kraft Heinz Game Pack, photo provided by Kraft Heinz /

Thanks to Kraft Heinz, mom says that it is ok to play with your food.

Sometimes the dinner table is more than a place to enjoy tasty food. The Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack turns your favorite pantry essentials into fun games. Luckily these games are about having fun, not creating a mess.

For many people, food is more than just curbing a hunger. From food fashion to food décor, those favorite flavors, foods and dishes are an expression of people’s personalities.

A recent food trend has been bringing favorite foods to game night. From families to friends, game night is the perfect way to bring favorite foods to the table. It is more than just the snack bowl, it is part of the fun.

Recently, Goldfish embraced this idea. Even everyone’s favorite ramen has a Yahtzee game. Now, some classic family favorite foods are joining game night.

The new Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack takes iconic pantry staples and brings them to game night. Check out this video.

Part of the fun is that the games come in the original food items. Yes, that HEINZ Ketchup bottle looks like the one in the pantry. While you will use it to roll the dice, you don’t have to hit just the right spot to get that perfect dollop of ketchup.

These three games are perfect for the family game night. Each game takes about 20 minutes to play. Did you know it takes about 20 minutes to make a Kraft Mac and Cheese dinner? If you want to keep the kids distracted while making dinner, these games are a great choice.

The new Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack is Target exclusive. It is available in stores and online. The suggested retail price is $19.99.

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What is your favorite family game night game? Are you ready to play with your food?