Grandma knew best about this pantry essential

The Kitchen has a pantry with marble counters.House Envy 042919 18
The Kitchen has a pantry with marble counters.House Envy 042919 18 /

Grandma had this pantry essential and we should have listened.

What is one pantry essential that you can’t live without? While many people might say snacks, Mac and cheese or even that beef jerky, there was one set of items that grandma always had on the shelf. Although it might have seemed old fashioned before, we should have listened and kept a few in our pantry.

Throughout this year, several unexpected food trends came to be. While no one could have predicted in January 2020 that sourdough starters and baking bread would be such a food trend, those back to basics, simple comfort foods have become a home cook staple.

Recently, the editors of several magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Food Network and Delish led a discussion on some interesting food trends from the past several months. While it is impossible to predict anything in this ever changing would, one thing seems to be clear. Grandma really knew best about a pantry essential.

As people started cooking at home, the pantry became their recipe inspiration. It was more than just a game of Chopped, home cooks needed to be resourceful with the ingredients on hand. Beyond stretching the food dollar, recipes had to find ways to develop flavor and variety with the ingredients on hand.

Given its longevity, canned goods and, specifically, canning have been around forever. Although some people would scoff at using a canned ingredient over a fresh one, that mason jar could hold the secret to uncovering some big flavors.

Some people’s grandmas would have tons of mason jars stacked and labeled in the pantry. Whether it was the bounty from that summer tomato garden, jams or even a pickled vegetable, those mason jars held a flavor treasure.

As seen in the past couple of months, many home cooks have rediscover the value of canning. The rise of people finding ways to preserve all of those summer vegetables was astounding. From salsas to pickles to sauces, those mason jars are filling shelves.

Whether it is a sense of nostalgia, resourcefulness or just something else, mason jars have made a comeback. From the canning methods to serving desserts to even using them for cocktails, that multi-purpose container needs to be a pantry essential.

Granted, it might be a little hard to find a case of mason jars. Maybe ask grandma if you can go in the basement and see if she has some old ones that she isn’t using.

In the end, grandma was right again. Those mason jars are a pantry essential and they need to be stocked in the pantry, always.

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What is your must have kitchen essential? Have you become more resourceful in the kitchen?