Cheetos and Bad Bunny encourage everyone to leave their mark

Superstar Bad Bunny and Cheetos Partner to Leave Your Mark, photo provided by Cheetos
Superstar Bad Bunny and Cheetos Partner to Leave Your Mark, photo provided by Cheetos /

For Cheetos and Bad Bunny, the idea of leaving a mark not about Cheetle hands.

While everyone knows about Cheetle, Cheetos and Bad Bunny encourage everyone to think about how they will leave their mark. In some ways, that idea of making an impression, embracing individuality and pushing the boundaries in life needs to be celebrated more than ever. Even if you cannot pronounce “Deja Tu Huella,” the concept behind that phrase is universal.

Although Cheetos is a pop culture icon, Bad Bunny has started to take over many people’s playlists. The global Latin superstar brings a vibrant sound to his music as well as his collaborations. It is more than just a catchy lyric, he seeks to encourage people to embrace their culture.

Bad Bunny said, “I’ve been so fortunate to be able to embrace my roots and culture and express it through music and entertainment. I want to encourage others to be passionate in whatever they set their mind to. DEJA TU HUELLA!”

While the literal translation of deja tu huella means leave your mark, the idea isn’t about stamping a color on a wall or standing out in a photo. The concept extends to a celebration of expressing yourself and being that individual. Sometimes that person who stands out in the crowd is the most confident person in the group.

For Latino culture, that concept of leaving an impression is even more important today. From influencing culture to changing opinions, the Latino culture wants and will have their voices heard.

As seen in recent months, many Latino artists are at the forefront of pop culture. Their mixture of language, fashion and backgrounds prove that there are universal connections among everyone.

In this Bad Bunny and Cheetos collaboration, the focus is to encourage this idea of communities wanting to leave their mark. Today’s pop culture is a celebration of the many groups that have influenced what is seen and heard today.

Marissa Solis, SVP of marketing, Frito-Lay North America, said, “It’s undeniable that Hispanic culture has shaped American pop culture. And it’s that culture that has inspired much of Cheetos initiatives in food, fashion and entertainment.”

Cheetos has always been willing to push boundaries and sometimes break the rules. Whether it is challenging people to experience bolder flavors or even launching an entire Cheetos restaurant, the brand is always willing to leave its mark on both snack trends and pop culture.

Solis said “On the heels of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proud to kick off a campaign that pays tribute to the Latinos who are pushing boundaries and rewriting the rules. And, we’ll have a lot of fun along the way when we see what Mr. Bunny and Mr. Chester have in store for fans this November.”

During the 2020 American Music Awards on Sunday, November 22, 2020, Cheetos and Bad Bunny will reveal new content that will be the anthem for the idea of “leave your mark.” While exact details have yet to be revealed, it should be a bold, yet authentic, campaign.

Looking back at previous Cheetos campaigns, the brand often works with pop culture icons. From the infamous Super Bowl commercials to product launches, there has been a long history of performers partnering with the brand. It will be interesting to see the big reveal.

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What do you think of this Bad Bunny and Cheetos Leave Your Mark campaign? More importantly, what are you doing to leave your mark?