Last minute food Halloween costumes are a tasty treat

Kool-Aid Man Costume, photo provided by Kool-Aid
Kool-Aid Man Costume, photo provided by Kool-Aid /

Food Halloween costumes might earn you an extra piece of Halloween candy.

Could your favorite food inspire your food Halloween costumes? Even with Halloween just days away, there are several food inspired Halloween costumes that can get everyone in the spooky spirit. Whether you are doing a Halloween dinner at home, a socially distant Halloween or even just want to dress up for the fun of it, these food Halloween costumes are definitely tasty.

Here are some of FoodSided’s suggestions for food Halloween costumes.

Giant Cup Noodles costume

For all those ramen fans, the Giant Cup Noodles costume is here to show your love of a good slurp. Even your furry friends can join in the slurping love.

Food Halloween costumes
Cup of Noodles Halloween Costume, photo provided by Cup Noodles /

If you want, you can even customize this costume a little. Consider adding some ramen toppings, just like in your favorite ramen dish. From an egg to even some bacon, everyone can show their Top Ramen creativity.

Truly Can

Like for many people, it has been the year of the hard seltzer. Why not dress up like one of your favorite hard seltzers with the Truly Can. Although this food Halloween costume doesn’t come with a case of Truly, you can supply your own.

And, if you missed the boat with the Halloween costume, you could make your own or better yet just put on a Truly sweatshirt and say you’re Happy Hour 2020. Everyone would get that reference. Who hasn’t curled up on the couch and enjoyed a Truly this year?

Kool-Aid Man

Who doesn’t love the Kool-Aid Man? From kids to parents, that food icon has been part of everyone’s lives. While some lucky fans will get a special delivery from the Kool-Aid Man himself, everyone can be inspired by him.

Even if you don’t create your own Kool-Aid Man costume, consider getting some Halloween-themed Kool-Aid Scary Berry Jammers, Ghoul-Aid Scary Berry popping candy to enjoy on Halloween. This year Halloween is all about making the spooky easy.

Zombie Skittles Halloween costume
Zombies Skittles Halloween Costume, photo provided by Skittles /

Zombie Skittles Socially Distant Costume

If you haven’t dared the rainbow and tried the Zombie Skittles, it is a fun Halloween experience. Watching people get one of those zombie flavors can make you laugh for a while.

This year, Skittles is using that zombie theme in a timely way. The 6-foot wide costume ensures distance. Additionally, there is a little hidden Halloween fun. There is a Zombie Mode that adds a questionable aroma to keep people at bay.

This food Halloween costume could be an example for other ideas. From a wide candy bar option to adding a little aroma to your look, the options are many.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween 2020, make it a fun and safe one. It might be Blue Moon and the end of Daylight Savings Time, but we can leave a few more 2020 Bingo spaces open. There are two months of the year left.

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How are you celebrating Halloween 2020? What is your favorite food Halloween costume?