Duncan Hines Holiday Mega Cookie is a holiday baking game changer

New Duncan Hines: Holiday Mega Cookie, photo provided by Dunkin Hines
New Duncan Hines: Holiday Mega Cookie, photo provided by Dunkin Hines /

Holiday baking is easy thanks to the Duncan Hines Holiday Mega Cookie.

Simplify holiday baking with the new Duncan Hines Holiday Mega Cookie. With just two ingredients, this holiday cookie can be on your table. The holidays just got sweeter.

For many people, holiday baking fills the kitchen with delicious aromas. While many people dream of beautifully decorated sugar cookies and plates filled with dozens of cookies, baking isn’t always that easy. One mistake in the baking process and those cookies can be a baking disaster.

Duncan Hines is simplifying the holiday baking process. With the new Duncan Hines Holiday Mega Cookie, a festive holiday cookie is so easy that even the worst baker can successfully make this holiday sugar cookie.

A new addition to the Duncan Hines Mega Cookie line, the Holiday Mega cookie is a big sugar cookie that serves 8. With a pan included in the box, the only thing that the home baker adds is butter and water. It is holiday baking simplified.

The Holiday Mega cookie joins other flavors like Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chunk. All options contain the 6-inch pan and the mix. The cookie can be made in the oven or microwave. Each Duncan Mega Cookie has a suggested retail price of $2.99.

These mega cookies are part of a bigger baking trend. From mug cakes to eat or bake options, home bakers are looking for convenience. Even though baking can be part of the comfort food trend, home bakers want to feel that sense of accomplishment in the kitchen. If a recipe is too hard, that baking fail ruins the moment. When success is almost guaranteed, they are more likely to buy the product time and again.

Additionally, these types of treats allow for anytime indulgence. As it become more important to keep the pantry stocked, these types of baking mixes allow home bakers to satisfy that craving when it hits. With a few ingredients and limited time, they can enjoy a freshly made cookie.

Holiday baking doesn’t have to be tedious. Duncan Hines Holiday Mega Cookie is the easiest holiday cookie you will ever make.

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