The Big Cheese makes a statement on that cheese plate

The Big Cheese, photo provided by Cristine Struble
The Big Cheese, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

While just have a slice, when you can serve The Big Cheese.

From cheese plates to cheese boards, it is time to break out The Big Cheese this holiday season. While a tiny taste of a flavorful cheese can be nice, sometimes you need to satisfy a grater (or greater) appetite. If you are looking for a memorable cheese experience, it is time to go bigger.

Whether it is finding the perfect food gift or just wanting to ensure that you never run out of cheese, The Big Cheese might be the solution to your cheese cravings. While most people are accustomed to buying a block of cheese at the store, that serving might not be enough. If anyone has learned anything in the past year, stocking up on a favorite food is a priority.

This year, one cheese company created the perfect solution to all those cheese conundrums. Founded by Josh Gentine, part of the family-owned Sargento Foods, this cheesy goodness is delivered directly to your table. If you have an appetite big enough and a knife sharp enough, there is a sharp cheddar cheese waiting for you. Just make sure you buy the warehouse size box of crackers before it arrives.

While some people have seen those big cheeses on television or in specialty stores, this option is a 12-15 year aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese. Available in 2.5 pound, 4.5 pound and a massive 40 pound option, this cheese is not for the delicate appetite or palate.

As described, it is a sharp cheddar. While eating a slice is not like a poke in the palate, it does not shy away from flavor in any way. Just like its size, the flavor makes a big impression.

Gentine said, “food doesn’t have to be serious. The cheese experience should be memorable and fun – and that starts with that first bite, with a collective mix of humor, edginess and wit.” From the holiday gift to that perfect charcuterie board, this sharp cheddar demands top billing.

Before people become wary of ordering that big poundage, this sharp cheddar cheese could become your kitchen essential. Although people instantly gravitate to the cheese plate or even a grilled cheese, this sharp cheddar has many recipe possibilities.

While mac and cheese or even some cheddar cheese soup is a great choice, why not push a little outside of the comfort zone. This sharp cheddar would be delicious with an apple pie. It is a classic dessert combination.

Also, cheddar works in a savory cookie recipe. With a touch of thyme, it could be the holiday cookie that gives you a break from all that royal icing.

If you are looking to push your creativity a little more, you could make a cheese sculpture. Yes, you can sculpt cheese. Even if you just cut a block and carve a relief picture into the cheese, it makes for a fun centerpiece on a cheese plate.  Playing with your food can be a good thing. And, if you don’t like the creation, you just eat it. No food goes to waste.

Although it can be tempting to prolong your cheese enjoyment, you do not have to eat The Big Cheese in one sitting. The cheese doesn’t have an expiration date. As long as you keep it stored well, you could have cheese every day until 2021.

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If you think that you can handle The Big Cheese, go place an order today. But, don’t be fooled by others who think that they have earned the big title. While others might be a little large, there is only one Big Cheese.

Would you order this special sharp cheddar? What would you do with such a massive block of cheese?