Which favorite fast food restaurants are open on Christmas Day 2020?

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On Christmas Day 2020, these favorite fast food restaurants solve those kitchen mishaps.

Craving your favorite fast food restaurants on Christmas Day 2020? After opening all presents from Santa and even taking a little nap from being up early, some people might prefer to skip cooking another meal. While the holiday is often a time to relax and enjoy some quiet moments at home, some favorite fast food restaurants are open on Christmas Day 2020.

For some people in the restaurant industry, holidays are busier days. While others get the day off, the service industry can be busy. Whether it is a craving, a cooking disaster or just the need to step away from another batch of holiday desserts, that open sign is welcome sight.

Here are some favorite fast food restaurants and their status on Christmas Day 2020.


While Santa enjoyed his free chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Eve, only some locations might be open on Christmas Day. Since many McDonald’s locations are franchises, some locations will choose to let the employees celebrate at home. Check with your local restaurant for operating hours.

Taco Bell

On Christmas Day, all Taco Bell locations are closed. Like Thanksgiving, the company chooses to stay closed for the holiday.


If you cannot start your day without a white chocolate mocha or another eggnog latte, some Starbucks locations will be open on Christmas Day 2020. Be sure to check the Starbucks app for details on your favorite locations.


If you need a little caffeine fix after waking up early for Santa, you could run to Dunkin. Many locations are open on Christmas Day. But, some hours of operation are limited. Check with your preferred location or the Dunkin app.


After giving Santa his free buttermilk pancakes on Christmas Eve, Denny’s is often quite busy on Christmas Day. While each location might vary, many people head to Denny’s to enjoy that Grand Slam breakfast.

Waffle House

While the Waffle House Index might be the predictor of a big storm, Christmas Day 2020 keeps the popular chain open. Whether you want some pecan waffles or those tasty hashbrowns, Waffle House is waiting for you.


On Christmas Day, KFC is closed. If you didn’t stock up on some extra fried chicken or those tasty biscuits, you will have to wait a day.

Jack in the Box

If you are ready to unwrap that Cluck Sandwich, Jack in the Box is ready to serve it to you. Just make sure that you don’t spill on that eat-leisure wear.

Burger King

On Christmas Day 2020, you can have it your way at BK. From that Impossible Whopper to a meal deal, it seems that the King is ready to welcome you.

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These restaurants are just a few of the favorite fast food restaurants that are open on Christmas Day 2020. If you do choose to venture out for the holiday, remember to be kind to the restaurant workers. A little holiday kindness can go a long way.

How will you be celebrating the holiday this year?