Burger King transforms its look to reflect a bolder image

Burger King reveals new logo, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King reveals new logo, photo provided by Burger King /

The King’s crown just got a makeover and Burger King embraces its new image.

Since guests always could have it their way at Burger King, the company has decided to take that motto in a new direction. With new branding, BK has decided to do things its way. Without stepping too far away from its classic imagery, the new look is bold, irreverent and even a touch retro.

Announced today, Burger King is adopting a new look across all of its branding. From restaurant design to packaging to advertising, the new BK seems to have both a retro feel while still taking the company in a new direction. In a way, it is an unapologetic statement that BK is going to do everything its way regardless of anyone’s else opinions. It is a bold statement and one that could make it even more popular.

Over the past several years, BK has looked to set itself apart from other fast food brands. From being a first adopter of a plant-based menu item to bold marketing tactics to choosing responsible restaurant design, the company understands that it needs to stay true to its brand to stand out. It isn’t about funny tweets or clever retorts. To be the king, it needs to wear its crown proudly.

Looking at the video announcement, there are clues that the seed for this idea was planted a little while ago. Previously, Burger King put the ingredients of the Whopper on the wrapper. Many people took that idea as a nod to transparency. Looking back, it was part of the change.

From not needing a secret sauce to putting the ingredients on the label, BK wants to put the focus on what matters, the food and flavors that people crave. While some people might call that idea a bold move, it is a direct response to food trends. People want that connection to be clear and BK is ready to provide it.

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The new Burger King look will be rolling out everywhere. Sometimes the King needs to polish his crown. With this new look, he looks to sit a little taller on his throne.

What do you think of this Burger King makeover?