Eliminating food waste starts by focusing on this element

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Eliminating food waste is an attainable goal with the right kitchen essentials.

For many home cooks and chefs, eliminating food waste is more than just another passing food trend. While many people have learned to appreciate root to tip cooking, there is more to this food waste concept. One simple change can make a significant impact.

Often one of the major causes of food waste stems from letting food go bad. From that bag of salad that just sits in the drawer uneaten to the container that gets shoved to the back corner of the refrigerator, the out of sight out of mind scenario can lead home cooks to put too much food into the trash bin.

One easy way to start eliminating food waste is through smart kitchen organization. With a few steps upfront, it could save both time and money in the long run.

Consider following some examples from a professional kitchen. Labeling food and containers with dates is an easy way to organize a refrigerator.

A simple note on a container with a date can ensure that those prepped peppers get eaten or those leftovers get repurposed.

Just like a good mise en place (everything in its place), the refrigerator and pantry can be easily organized via the labeled containers. In some ways, it’s going back to those simple ideas. Without channeling some accounting speak, the first in, first out method can work.

In addition to labeling, using clear containers can help visualize food. When you can see what is in front of you, you don’t have to say there’s nothing to eat. Using the same containers can help with that kitchen organization, too.

Whether you use multi-use clear containers like the Rubbermaid Brilliance line or another brand, it is important that the clear container stack well. The stackable feature aids with the organization.

Once an organized system is in place, it can be easy to maintain. It still might not have the kids question what’s for dinner, but it can be the start of eliminating food waste in your home.

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What’s your tip for eliminating food waste?