Game Day Vodka is driven by the passion for a smooth tasting vodka

Game Day Vodka, photo provided by Game Day Vodka
Game Day Vodka, photo provided by Game Day Vodka /

Game Day Vodka is driven by the passion for a smooth tasting vodka.

Making a big play in the vodka category, Game Day Vodka looks to set itself apart from other spirits in the premium vodka category. While the name resonates with sports fans, this quality vodka looks beyond the playing field. For all big moments, Game Day Vodka scores with superior flavor.

In recent years, domestic vodkas have surged in popularity. While this category has seen tremendous growth, not all vodkas are created equal. Since taste sets vodkas apart, the attention to detail in the creation of a spirit is important.

In its brand description, Game Day Vodka refers to itself as a small batch, handcrafted vodka. It is “100% corn, gluten-free, six times distilled spirit.” As seen in the brand’s video, the attention to detail is clear.

For Game Day Vodka, the brand uses a Terrepure process. While that name sounds intimidating, the process means one thing to the vodka drinker. The resulting spirit generally has an enhanced flavor and a more appealing mouth feel. In a way, it is the nuance that sets one spirit apart from another.

While a vodka cocktail is great, this vodka deserves its first sip to be enjoyed simply. From just a squeeze of lime to a great tasting tonic, that option allows the nuanced, smooth vodka flavor to be appreciated.

After that initial tasting, experimenting with cocktails is exciting. From a classic Bloody Mary to a theme cocktail for celebrating your favorite team or sport is a must.

The brand has many cocktails on its website. Several have a football theme. Overall, each cocktail showcases the versatility of the premium, smooth vodka.

Personally, my favorite cocktail is using the Game Day Vodka in the Q Mixers Hibiscus Ginger Spritz. Since Q Mixers are a premium product, it melds well with this smooth vodka. The cocktail covers all the flavors. A hint sweet, a touch spicy and the nuance of a slight flora note. Add in the touch of bubbles, and it is the effervescent cocktail that is perfect for any celebration.

If you are ready to score a win with smooth American made vodka, open a bottle of Game Day Vodka. While it won’t guarantee a win for your favorite team, it will win you over with impeccable flavor.

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What is your favorite game day cocktail? Do you prefer a cocktail or another beverage to enjoy while watching a game?