Panera brings 90s nostalgia and pizza to Valentine’s Day celebrations

Panera Valentine's Day promo, photo provided by Panera
Panera Valentine's Day promo, photo provided by Panera /

Valentine’s Day celebrations don’t have to be that over the top experience. Panera believes that love and comfort food are the perfect couple. Are you ready for some 90s nostalgia and pizza?

According to Panera, “nearly 70% of American would be happy to receive comfort food instead of flowers this year and nearly 60% said they’d prefer it over a fancy Valentine’s Day meal.” Whether it is because people have become attached to yoga pants, are tired of chef-driven meals or just want simplicity, it seems that Valentine’s Day celebrations taking a different approach this year.

While everyone tends to have a favorite romantic comedy that captures their Valentine’s Day goals moment, Panera wants to bring a little nostalgia to this year’s celebration. With its special romantic short, children of the 90s will be swooning all over again.

The Hallmark Channel better watch out. “Forever Flatbreads” might be the must watch Valentine’s Day show.

Granted this short is tongue and cheek, but it is the humor that many people might need this Valentine’s Day. Sure, couples are learning not to steal that last bite of food, but it is more than just sharing another meal around the table. Sometimes, those little moments really do mean a lot.

At the same time, being able to laugh can be the best gift this Valentine’s Day season. Whether or not you catch all the references in the video doesn’t matter. You probably giggled, chuckled or at least smiled for a few minutes. Isn’t that sentiment a great way to boost your day?

Lastly, if you haven’t tried the Panera Flatbread Pizza, why not place an order. Available in five different flavors, (pepperoni, four cheese, Margherita, cheese, and chipotle chicken & bacon) there is an option for everyone’s preferences. Whether or not you choose to share a pizza with your Valentine is up to you. But, you might want to ensure that you both like the same flatbread flavor if you are sharing.

And, to make the pizza even tastier, Panera is offering a special promo code. With TGIF (Thank God It’s Flatbread, not a reference to that 90s must watch TV night), customers can get 50% off any flatbread. The offer is valid February 9 through February 16 via the Panera app.

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Is Panera making it easy for pizza to be part of your Valentine’s Day celebrations?