Heart shaped food brings the romance to the table for Valentine’s Day

Krispy Kreme introduces Heart-Filled Valentine’s Day ‘Dough-Notes’, photo Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme introduces Heart-Filled Valentine’s Day ‘Dough-Notes’, photo Krispy Kreme /

Valentine’s Day is full of love, and heart shaped food is often the star of the table. While the idea might be a little cliché, it is the easiest way to say I love you. Even though dessert seems like the most obvious choice, it isn’t the only heart shaped food on the table. With a little culinary creativity, love and deliciousness is a feast for everyone.

Luckily, many companies have made it easy to put your heart on a plate. Why not start the day with some donuts. Krispy Kreme has its Valentine’s Day donut connection. A dozen of Dough Notes could be the tasty way to start the day.

Dunkin has joined the heart shaped fun, too. Why not pair that Cupid’s Choice heart shaped doughnut with the pink-colored coffees for the celebration. Isn’t it better to see the world through rose colored confections?

If you prefer a little less sweet start to the day, why not pour a bowl of Cheerios. The heart shaped Cheerios are back for a limited time. This heart shaped cereal is good for your heart, too.

Is heart shaped food the tastiest I love you?

While breakfast is full of love, the romance doesn’t end with the first meal of the day. Tyson had heart shaped nuggets. Although you do not necessarily have to make a heart shaped bouquet, you could draw some sweet messages on the plate with the condiments.

Wisconsin Cheese believes that cheese is the ultimate love language. While you might not be able to get their special Valentine’s Day package, you can create your own. Just think of the Valentine’s Day cheese plate that you could create.

Aldi is always the best destination for holiday themed food. From its heart shaped pasta to the heart shaped cheese, the Aldi finds are many. Plus, these ideas are great for the whole family to get into the kitchen and cook together.

Dinner is often the time when the love goes to the next level. Fresh Market was offering heart shaped Crab Cakes and even a Sweetheart Ribeye. That idea could be the extravagant surf and turf menu that will make your Valentine swoon.

Even Hardee’s can make the side dish romantic. The heart-shaped biscuits are back for Valentine’s Day. While you could serve these biscuits with breakfast, grab an extra order to serve with that juicy steak.

In some ways, dinner can be a way to unleash that culinary creativity. While pink food might be a little controversial, there are many ways to hide some hearts on the plate. It could be as simple as arranging the food in a heart shape on the plate.

Dessert is often when the love is on full display. Heart shaped food and sweet treats are plentiful. From Baskin Robbins heart shaped ice cream cake to a home baked cake, there are no shortage of hearts.

For a fruity option, consider a heart shaped fruit tart from Fresh Market. Or, another choice could be a heart shaped cheesecake.

If you are looking for a different option, why not consider Olivieri 1882 San Valentino Panettone heart-shaped panettone. The classic Italian sweet bread has a special combination for Valentine’s day. With Valrhona 55% dark chocolate and fresh strawberries, the Italian acacia honey and Tahiti Bourbon vanilla beans flavors will make you swoon.

These heart shaped food ideas are just a small sampling of all the delicious options that could be on the table. While the food might tell a story, a few words to express how that special person makes you feel can bring extra romance to the table. Isn’t it time that you put your heart on a plate?

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How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? What food is your love language?