Snacks and thrills: Frito-Lay named Official Salty-Snack Chip partner of Six Flags

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The biggest thrill rides can build up an appetite. Frito-Lay has become the Official Salty-Snack Chip partner of Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. Whether you snack away the nerves before hitting that gigantic roller coaster or celebrate conquering the g-forces on that epic ride, this new food partnership could spark a huge trend in the theme park industry.

As the Six Flags theme parks begin to reopen, guests will have their hunger satisfied by their favorite snacks from the popular brand. Whether it is a classic Lay’s Potato chip, Doritos or those irresistible Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, there is a treat that everyone loves.

According to Tyler Chapman, SVP, Foodservice, Frito-Lay North America, the “unique opportunity” can bring “fans joy in new and unexpected ways.” While guests will appreciate having a taste of the familiar at the theme parks, the opportunity is more than just filling a craving.

Frito-Lay shared that “Six Flags’ guests will also have the opportunity to participate in exclusive culinary experiences throughout the year.” Although that statement is not clarified, the opportunities are many.

Six Flags Vice President of North America Strategic Marketing Partnerships, Stephanie Borges. “Our guests are ready for the exhilarating return of our signature Six Flags fun and we are committed to making every visit to the park memorable and safe — and of course, filled with incredible tasty snacks.”

Looking at recent theme park trends, food festivals and culinary events have had a huge draw for guests. For some guests, the food is as big a draw as the thrills. In some ways, it broadens the experience and brings them back for visit after visit.

More importantly, food connections bring guests back to recreate that flavor experience. The excitement of seeing the favorite snacks in a new way makes the whole experience even more memorable.

For the vacationer, the snack partnership brings a taste of the familiar to the theme parks. While not exactly comfort food, it is that taste that seems to always satisfy.

As this partnership takes shapes, the possibilities are many. Although not said by either brand, guests could be craving a Cheetos chicken wing like the version from Cosmic Wings or maybe a special version of a Frito pie or walking Doritos Taco. The possibilities are many.

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What do you think of Frito-Lay being named the Official Salty Snack Chip partner of Six Flags? Could it change your theme park experience?