Tasty banana facts that make the fruit much more appealing

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From monkeys to the Minions, the banana is many people’s favorite fruit. But, these surprising banana facts could make that popular fruit even more appealing. Could you impress the family with these ideas tasty tidbits?

Have you ever noticed that it seems like bananas are everywhere? Whether it is the banana bread recipe that makes your stomach growl as the aroma wafts from the oven to the topping for that bowl of cereal or oatmeal, it seems that there is always a bunch of bananas in the bowl.

As the “world’s #1 banana brand,” Dole Food Company, the brand knows a lot about bananas. While many people just grab, peel, and eat, that popular fruit is more than meets the eye.

Did you know these banana facts?

According to Dole, the top banana varieties in the U.S. are “Cavendish, Baby, Manzano, Red, Burro, and Plantain.” All the different varieties have slightly different flavors and textures. It can be fun to explore the differences.

Although a banana has 110 calories, it is packed with nutrition. Given that a banana offers “33 Percent of the Vitamin B6 daily value”  people tend to grab it for the nutritional value. Sometimes convenience and healthy eating go hand in hand.

While that classic, simple banana is delicious on its own. Many people look for tasty recipes to transform that fruit. According to Dole, it offers 65 recipes that aren’t breakfast related. From dinner to cocktails, there is always room for more bananas.

But, if you prefer breakfast ideas, Dole has 30 different recipes that include a blender. That morning smoothie can be a tasty, healthy eating boost to start the say.

Since the banana can be a family favorite fruit, the collaboration between Dole, Disney, Star Wars and Pixar has offered a big boost. From classics to newer characters like Moana and Soul, those Dole Stickers bring a little fun and imagination to the classic fruit. Sometimes a little amusement can make food seem a little sweeter.

Whether the banana is a love of the classic fruit or just the convenience, the reality is that a banana is always a tasty choice. And, a few banana facts might make the conversation around the table even tastier.

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