Favorite Mother’s Day candy that always makes mom smile

Mother's Day candy, photo by Cristine Struble
Mother's Day candy, photo by Cristine Struble /

While mom might like her flowers, desserts and other food trends, Mother’s Day candy is always a good choice for the holiday. With so many candy options, it can be hard to pick just one. Although mom’s favorite candy should always be wrapped up in a bow, some other options might make her happy too. What Mother’s Day gifts did you buy this year?

Sometimes Mother’s Day traditions drive choices. For example, See’s Candies has been around for 100 years. From those iconic bonbons made famous by I Love Lucy to traditional recipes handed down by Mary See, there are a plethora of sweet treats to enjoy.

Even though the bonbon and truffles are always a good choice, why not add a little fun to the candy mix and get some lollipops. With these candies, the lollipops aren’t for little kids. With flavors like butterscotch and vanilla, these treats will bring a little whimsy to the celebration.

For a new candy option, Sprinkles has transformed its iconic cupcakes into Sprinkles candy. Featuring some of the cupcake company’s most favorite flavors, these chocolate treats are almost too pretty to eat.

While the sample pack is a delicious choice, consider the red velvet option for a rich, luscious treat. Without being too sweet, this indulgence will make mom feel like a queen.

The Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature is an elegant choice for mom. With a variety of flavors in the one box, she can do a complete tasting journey. From the sweet white chocolate with a hint of amaretto to the creamy hazelnut, it might be impossible to pick a favorite.

And, the Ferrero Signature Golden Gallery makes for a lovely pairing option. From pouring various coffees to sipping her way through various wines, this box could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Godiva has long been a popular choice for Mother’s Day candy. That golden box is like a treasure waiting to be opened. While mom might like the adventure of picking each candy, don’t misplace the little sheet. Then again, it is her prerogative if she wants to choose again.

Fannie May started as a Chicago candy staple and now everyone can sample those iconic flavors. From Pixies to the Mint Meltaways, there are many treats that are always a tasty choice. And, if you really want to impress her with a sweet option, go for the Carmash.

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These Mother’s Day candy ideas are just a small sampling of the many options available. No matter what gift that you give mom, it will be a sweet treat that she will treasure.