Miller decides to take hard seltzer to new heights, literally

Miller launches hard seltzer, photo provided by Miller
Miller launches hard seltzer, photo provided by Miller /

Miller has been a staple for beer drinkers. From the champagne of beers to Miller Time, that classic beer has been part of many occasions. But, is the brand ready to join the hard seltzer conversation? Looking at this concept, it seems that the company is ready to give hard seltzer a one-way ticket out of this world.

Looking at the beer aisle, it seems that hard seltzer is slowly taking over all the shelves. Within the past year, there have been numerous launches. From higher alcohol content to creative flavors, each week another new product hits the shelves.

Miller has decided to step away from the hard seltzer and just stick with beer. Sofia Colucci, Vice President Miller Family of Brands said, “Miller makes beer for people who love beer. Other brands, including some of our siblings, make other things, too. That’s great. We launch beers, and we launch everything else into space.”

Is Miller really launching hard seltzer into space?

Simply stated, the answer is yes. On May 13, Miller MGD will put a case of hard seltzer on a rocket and ship it out of this world. Although the exact brand of hard seltzer has yet to be determined, this event is really happening.

It isn’t that Miller is anti-seltzer, but the brand is focusing on what it does best, beer. As Colucci shared, “Because we’re a beer. Not a seltzer. In case we haven’t made that clear yet.”

As beverage trends go, the hard seltzer market might be reaching the saturation point. There may not be more innovation coming. From flavors to alcohol content to famous partners, finding a way to stand out in a crowd might be even harder.

By not stepping into the hard seltzer market, Miller is making a bigger statement. In some ways, this decision is a nod to its loyal beer drinking fans. Sometimes staying true to itself and not following others is a good choice.

For now, hard seltzer is getting launched into space on May 13 and everyone can watch at This beverage launch might be the most unexpected direction for the popularity of hard seltzer. Are you prepared?

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What do you think of this promotion? Do you think that it shows a change in the hard seltzer beverage trend?