Whole Foods shares how to give summer barbecues a plant-based twist

(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Tamearra Dyson)
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Tamearra Dyson) /

The aroma from the grill can make anyone’s stomach growl and Whole Foods has a way to make those summer barbecues inclusive for all food types. In its recent food trend report that focused on plant-based food, it shows that the grill can be filled all types of tasty treasures. In some ways, the kiss of the flame can bring all food lovers together around the table.

For many people, food is an integral part of their lifestyle. Although labels can be limiting, the concept of preferring to eat from a particular category or focus on certain foods is a conscious choice. Whether those foods seem to make them feel better, fit into a healthy eating lifestyle or they just prefer the flavor, the reality is that food is more than just curbing a hunger. It is a form of self-expression.

As shoppers pursue the aisles or scroll the screen, plant-based food choices have left the hidden corners of the store and have been given prime shopping space. With more and more people incorporating these items into food habits, it shows that plant-based food is more than just another one-off trend.

According to said Parker Brody, Senior Global Category Merchant for Plant-Based at Whole Foods Market, “And in the laid-back days of summer, we find that customers are breaking out of their routines and are more open to trying something new, whether they’re longtime vegans or just starting to experiment with plant-based eating.” Even more so, that food experimentation is becoming an eating habit.

How does Whole Foods bring plant-based food to summer barbecues?

According to the recent Whole Foods report, summer barbecues will be featuring more plant-based food. Although some grills have always featured a bounty of vegetables next to the steaks and burgers, these offerings are different. Granted, the grilled radicchio always has a spot on the grate, but the truth is that more than leafy greens can be on the menu.

While many people know the big name brands like Impossible, Beyond and Gardein, there are other brands that are part of the conversation. The Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog is a great example. It brings that classic stadium food into the plant-based conversation. While people can debate the use of ketchup as a condiment, the reality is that sometimes the “alternative” choice is more flavorful than the original.

At the same time, produce can offer that satisfaction, too. Jackfruit has been a tasty option and is often used in barbecue. Many restaurants (and theme parks like Universal Orlando) use jackfruit in barbecue recipes. The fruit absorbs all the flavor and offers a great texture. After trying, many people will go back time and again.

Whether it is jackfruit, corn ribs or a plant-based brand, the grill isn’t limited to the food that grandpa served back in the day. Today’s summer barbecues are a cornucopia of delicious bites that include everyone’s food preferences and that food trend is here to stay.

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What food are you serving for your summer barbecues? Will more plant-based food be on the menu?