OREO Offering welcomes all UFOs with a serving of cookies and milk

OREO Offering, photo provided by OREO
OREO Offering, photo provided by OREO /

While little green men might be a movie portrayal, OREO believes that any extraterrestrials would want at taste of Earth’s number one cookie and presents the OREO Offering. As the government is set to release its findings in the “Advanced Aerial Threats’ section of the Intelligence Authorization Act,” those plots from Men In Black might not be so fictional. Maybe the OREO Offering can be the treat that connects everyone. Wonder if UFOs dip, dunk or twist?

OREO is always part of the pop culture narrative. From partnering with music icons to NBA teams to just being part of many people’s playful side, the iconic sandwich cookie always has a place on the pantry shelf.

Even though the brand has been around for 109 years, it is never stagnant. While it might have locked away that secret formula in the underground bunker, it will always look beyond the here and now for something bigger, better and maybe even out of this world.

How is OREO welcoming all living beings, including UFOs to the table?

The limited edition OREO Offering specially designed cookie is meant to bridge the gap between the extraterrestrial and just the terrestrial. To snag one of these special packages of cookies, visit OREO.com/TheOREOOffering. The cookies are free, plus shipping and handling.

Olympia Portale – Senior Brand Manager, OREO Equity said, “Whether you are a UFO believer or not, it is undeniable that a special connection forms over earth’s number one cookie and a glass of milk! With The OREO Offering, we are ready to greet any lifeforms that might be out there. We’ve also created specially designed packs of OREO cookies so our earthling fans can extend the olive branch to extraterrestrials at home too.”

As seen in this video, OREO is sending a message to anyone who can see. Ready to enjoy some cookies and milk on Earth?

Sure this idea is a little humorous, but this cookie is about enjoying that playful moment. Even if a spaceship doesn’t land in the field with a craving for cookies and milk, it does present a great idea.

Maybe the best way to have a conversation with someone else is to find common ground. From that favorite sandwich cookie to a particular beverage, food does, and always will, bring people together. Sometimes life’s simple pleasures are the ones that are universal.

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What do you think of the OREO Offering? Do you think the popular sandwich cookie is the universally loved across the Milky Way?