Topo Chico celebrates the art inspired by the favorite mineral water

Topo Chico little bottles, photo provided by Topo Chico
Topo Chico little bottles, photo provided by Topo Chico /

For many people Topo Chico is not just any sparkling mineral water. Whether it is that glass bottle or the distinctive flavor, popping open a cap opens a realm of possibilities. In the newest collaboration, that mineral water sets a new refreshing tone.

Having been bottled for centuries, Topo Chico’s long, storied history is as rich as the Mayan legend associated with the brand. While the Mayan princess is said to have found her health from sipping the mineral water, the legend of the refreshing taste is just as vivid. As the brand’s cult following has grown over the years, people cannot get enough.

Many people are drawn to the brand for its effervescence. Often considered less abrasive than other sparkling waters and mineral waters, the flavor brings people back time and again. From drinking it on its own, with a touch of lime or even in a Ranch Water cocktail, the possibilities are too many to sip.

Now that Topo Chico is more readily available, even more people are embracing the legendary mineral water. More specifically, the brand even offers the mini bottles for sale online. Now, there are plenty of reasons to have several bottle chilling in the refrigerator.

Although every sip brings refreshment with its iconic taste, Topo Chico is more than just a beverage. As seen in its recent collaborations, the TopoLife celebrates art and artists who embrace their vision. For example, artist Bosco Gomez design the new packaging for the 12-pack, which is available online. In addition, Gustavo Jaimes tattoo-designs adorn a special bottle opener.

While many brands partner with celebrities or athletes, these collaborations give authentic voices their moment in the spotlight. It isn’t about being splashy, en vogue or on trend. It is about staying true oneself and honoring traditions.

As Jaimes shared in his video, the brand has been part of his entire life. Even though many people might not have that bottle permanently on their person, that connection runs deep. One sip and more people will learn to appreciate the connection.

Topo Chico is available online at and at various retailers.