White Claw Surge Variety Pack brings new flavors to the party

White Claw Surge variety pack, photo provided by White Claw
White Claw Surge variety pack, photo provided by White Claw /

Earlier this year, White Claw Surge joined the popular hard seltzer brand. The higher alcohol content beverage was quite well received and now the brand is expanding the flavor offerings. The While Claw Surge Variety Pack will become a staple in the refrigerator.

While the hard seltzer market continues to grow, the shelf seems to offer every flavor combination imaginable. From combining multiple fruit flavors in a can to adding herb and savory notes, some of the flavors seem to borrow from a favorite recipe.

Looking at White Claw, across all its flavors, one thing stands out. Each can is one fruit flavor only. It isn’t a fruit punch of combined ingredients. That concept is the foundation of what the brand does, clear, crisp, fruit forward flavor in every sip.

When a drinker opens a can, from the first whiff of the aroma to the final sip, that single fruit flavor delivers on its promise. Whether it is black cherry or blood orange, the flavor is easily identifiable and what people expect each and every time.

That idea is one of the reasons why White Claw has and will continue to have such a loyal following. People want that clear fruit flavor. It makes the hard seltzer an enjoyable drink, and sometimes one that can be enjoyed several times over an afternoon.

What are the new White Claw Surge variety pack flavors?

When White Claw Surge joined the line this year, it gave drinkers a new choice in the cooler. While many people enjoy the convenience of a canned cocktail, sometimes they want a cocktail-like option but without the traditional spirit. More importantly, few people want to pack a cocktail shaker in the to-go bar for a gathering.

More specifically, the White Claw Surge was created as an alternative for the vodka soda. The simple idea makes sense, especially after drinking a few. The effervescent bubbles and the flavors are reminiscent of that classic cocktail. Yet, the beverage isn’t quite as strong, and it doesn’t require multiple bottles to enjoy a sip.

With the new White Claw Surge variety pack, there are more flavor options on the shelf. Joining the previously released flavors of Blood Orange and Cranberry are Blackberry and Classic Lime.

White Claw Surge
White Claw Surge Classic Lime, photo provided by White Claw /

After trying the Classic Lime, that flavor is crisp and bright. It is probably the most similar to a vodka soda or some people might even prefer this option to a skinny margarita. The lime flavor is refreshing but the citrus is not overpowering. While many people will drink it straight from the can, it is equally appealing served over ice with a lime wheel.

The Blackberry flavor might be the best flavor in the group. Upon opening the can, the juicy berry aroma entices. That first whiff is just like a bowl of fresh berries on a warm day. The flavor is slightly sweet but not overpowering. While not quite jammy, it is that drink that begs you to take sip after sip. Before you know it, the can is empty.

Looking at all the flavors in the variety pack, everyone will have a favorite. The Blackberry is definitely the mid-afternoon, enjoying the day drinking. The classic lime is better for pairing with dinner. But, all of these beverages deserve prime space on the refrigerator shelf or cooler.

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The new White Claw Surge Variety Pack is available now. The suggested retail price has a range of $15-$18. The pack includes 12 cans, 12 oz cans. (3 cans of each flavor).

Ready to bring your beverage game up a whole new level? The White Claw Surge Variety Pack is here, and it is time to accept that invitation to pure enjoyment. Are you ready to ride the wave?