MTN DEW Thrashed Apple will rock your tastebuds

MTN DEW Thrashes Apple, photo provided by MTN DEW
MTN DEW Thrashes Apple, photo provided by MTN DEW /

Fall flavors are taking over store shelves and the new MTN DEW Thrashed Apple will have the DEW Nation bobbing in the cooler for another bottle. While many people will want to strike up a new chord to celebrate this new Mountain Dew beverage, it is a location exclusive flavor.

Over the past year, Mountain Dew has pushed the flavor boundaries. While the beginning of the year started with the addition of Major Melon, the flavor innovation has continued. From summer’s new Baja Blast flavors to the recent DEW Store offering of the MTN DEW Flamin’ Hot, that classic citrus forward beverage can take on a myriad of flavor combination.

The new MTN DEW Thrashed Apple is described as combining the classic citrus with a crisp apple flavor. This beverage is far from those spice or pie flavors. Instead, this beverage celebrates the juicy, refreshing tastes that come with apple picking, but with a Mountain Dew twist.

According to Pat O’Toole, vice president, marketing MTN DEW, “With the perfect combination of tart and sweet, Thrashed Apple is a refreshingly bold drink that only DEW could deliver. We have created MTN DEW THRASHED APPLE with the confidence that it will become a quick favorite amongst DEW Nation.”

While many people will focus on the flavor, another aspect of this beverage launch is interesting. The design features a variety of heavy metal characters. This idea seems to be a continuation of the approach from Major Melon, which featured a special character.

Adding a character to the mix could expand the offerings in the DEW Store. The DEW Nation is quite loyal and often likes to show their connection to their favorite beverage brand. It would be interesting to see how these rocking characters could be featured in other branded items.

MTN DEW Thrashed Apple
MTN DEW Thrashed Apple, photo provided by MTN DEW /

Where is MTN DEW Thrashed Apple available?

While many people will want a taste of the newest Mountain Dew beverage, it has a limited release. Starting on September 13, this beverage will be available exclusively at the Kroger Family of Companies, which included the following stores Kroger, Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Gerbes, King Soopers, QFC, Ralph’s, Smith’s and others.

As “one of Kroger’s biggest beverage launches in history,” this Mountain Dew beverage drop shows the importance of exclusive offerings. Many people will make a point to shop a particular store just for a special offering. It can be a huge win for both brands.

Mountain Dew has offered location specific offerings previously. From Speedway’s MTN DEW Spark to restaurant specific options, these special beverages add to the excitement of new product launches. It becomes the opportunity to be “in the know” when people can get their hands on a special beverage.

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What do you think of the new MTN DEW Thrashed Apple? Could it be the must have fall flavor beverage?