Satisfy the need for cheese with these National Cheeseburger Day deals

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While people can debate the best condiments for a burger, plant-based burgers or even the idea of skipping the bun for lettuce, National Cheeseburger Day deals are one thing that can get everyone excited. Since national food holidays often bring special offers, it might be time to get a burger for both lunch and dinner. Is your appetite big enough?

Although the cheeseburger is often a menu staple, do you know who invented this now infamous food? According to the Courier Journal, “Carl Kaelin, invented the cheeseburger shortly after (his) restaurant, (Kaelins) opened in 1934.” While that humble cheeseburger has evolved into the most expensive, best-selling or even the most misunderstood cheeseburgers, the reality is that most people enjoy a great cheeseburger.

From fast food to quick service restaurants, many popular brands are celebrating with National Cheeseburger Day deals. Even if your favorite restaurant isn’t on this list, don’t fret. There might be a special offer that FoodSided missed. And, if that happened, make sure to share that deal below.

Tasty National Cheeseburger Day deals, in alphabetical order.

Carl’s Jr.

Do you get Carl’s Jr emails? Check that spam folder because there was an offer for a Big Carl Small Combo in your inbox. That combo is just $6.29 for the food holiday.

Dairy Queen

For Dairy Queen app uses, any Blizzard purchase will receive a free cheeseburger. While you can eat that frozen dessert first, it might be best to start with the cheeseburger. Although, who can resist that new fall menu?


Similar to Carl’s Jr, people who get Hardee’s emails should have received an offer. The Western Bacon Cheese Burger Small Combo is only $4.99.


Both app users should have received a National Cheeseburger Day deal from the Golden Arches. App users received a notification for 50 cent double cheeseburgers.

Metro Diner

Who says that cheeseburgers have to come on buns? Metro Diner is offerings its Cheeseburger Wrap for just $10.99. That sun-dried tomato basil wrap will make you skip the extra ketchup.

Red Robin

Bring a friend to Red Robin because Red Robin Royalty members are getting a BOGO half-off offer. This promotion lasts through September 19.


If you love that smashed burger patty, Smashburger is offering its Double Classic Burger for only $5. At that price, you could buy two.


There are two offers from Wendy’s. First, there is a $2 off a premium combo or guests can get an order of free Baconator fries. On National Cheeseburger Day. Truthfully, if you haven’t tried the Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger, it is a delicious way to celebrate National Cheeseburger day.

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Which National Cheeseburger Day deals are making you hungry? Did you get a side of fries with that burger order?