General Mills adds eight new cereals to the delight of cereal fans

New General Mills cereals will be hitting store shelves. With eight new flavors joining the robust cereal line-up, everyone might need to stock up on an extra gallon of milk. From twists on favorite brands to all new food options, cereal might be on the table from breakfast through dinner. Is that spoon ready?

Over the past year, General Mills has pushed the food conversation with its favorite cereal brands. From seasonal offerings to limited edition collaborations with pop culture figures, that cereal is more than just a food to start the day. It often offers a conversation beyond the bowl.

What are the eight new General Mills cereals coming in 2022?

According to the brand, the eight new cereals range from brand new offerings to flavor twists on popular brands. While classic flavors will always be popular, sometimes a new offering revitalizes that love of cereal.

Three popular cereal brands are adding new flavors. The CinnaGraham Toast Crunch will have many people running to the store to get that first taste. Adding a touch of honey sweetness to the classic cinnamon should be a huge hit.

While many people combine fruit with their Cheerios, the latest variation is Strawberry Banana Cheerios. Made with “real strawberry and banana puree,” the flavor combination is a classic that will have both young and old celebrating.

Another brand getting a flavor updated is the new Reese’s Puffs Cluster Crunch. The new clusters add another texture. For people who love extra crunch in the bowl, this cereal will be a must try.

For kids, the PJ Masks Cereal will bring extra smiles to the morning meal. It will bring a taste of the favorite series to the breakfast table.

While many people have enjoyed :ratio products, the new :ratio KETO Granola transforms those granola bars into another form. Launching with two flavors, Toasted Almond and Coconut Almond, the granola should become a pantry staple. Both in and out of the bowl, this granola delivers the flavors that everyone will enjoy.

Another new cereal is Plentifull Cereals. This brand new line is made with “real nut butters and 32 g of Whole Grain per serving.” Available in two flavors, Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Almond Butter, this brand new cereal line will push the conversation in a new direction. As consumers taste this offering, it could become a bigger trend to see higher grain content as well as thoughtful ingredient choices on the shelf.

The new General Mills cereals may start appearing on store shelves at the end of 2021, but many offerings will be available in the beginning of 2022.


Which new General Mills cereals do you want to try? Is there a flavor combination that you wish the brand would offer or bring back?