Doritos Spicy Mustard and Doritos Ketchup change snack time forever

New Doritos Spicy Mustard, photo provided by Doritos
New Doritos Spicy Mustard, photo provided by Doritos /

From the backyard barbecue to the lunch sandwich, Doritos are often a food’s favorite pairing. While people can debate whether Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch is the best flavor, no one can argue that the classic tortilla chip snack is tasty with a variety of foods. With the newest snack flavor offerings, Doritos Spicy Mustard and Doritos Ketchup, the flavor twist opens a whole new bag of pairing possibilities.

When a favorite snack brand offers a flavor twist, many people take notice. While Frito-Lay might have swapped flavors with the Lay’s Potato Chips, Doritos is taking inspiration from the condiment aisle with these latest offerings. Although other countries might have had these options, the U.S. market is hungry to try that first bite.

Doritos Ketchup
New Doritos Ketchup, photo provided by Doritos /

Bringing a taste from the North, Doritos Ketchup is one of Canada’s best-selling, fan-favorite flavors. Described as having a slightly tangy and a touch sweet taste, it will be interesting to see how this option is received. Whether it is curiosity or love of ketchup, many people will want to open at least one bag.

The Doritos Spicy Mustard draws flavor inspiration from Chinese hot mustard. This entirely new flavor is meant to be bold, spicy and tangy. It might not be mustard donuts, but this snack twist will have people talking.

Thinking about the two condiment inspired flavors, they might lend themselves to recipe creations. From the simple topping to a casserole to breading some chicken breasts, the basic ideas are apparent. It will be interesting to see if some content creator can come up with a unique spin with snack time.

These two flavors come after the release of Doritos Tamarind. That sweet and sour offering had many people cheering. It seems that the iconic snack chip can adapt to a variety of flavors. Wonder what twist will be next?

The Doritos Spicy Mustard and Doritos Ketchup are available exclusively on The limited time offering is available in a 9.25 oz bag for $5.59.

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Are you excited to try this new Doritos flavor? What other snack twists would you like to see?