Ruffles redefines its ridges with new Ruffles Ridge Twists

New Ruffles Ridge Twists , photo provided by Ruffles
New Ruffles Ridge Twists , photo provided by Ruffles /

While Ruffles has longed believed in owning your ridges, the popular Frito-Lay snack brand is bringing a twist to snack time. With the new Ruffles Ridge Twists, this entirely new product not only brings the flavor but adds a new dimension to the eating experience.

Many people have a favorite snack. Whether it is the classic potato chip, cheesy goodness of Cheetos, or even the always tasty Doritos, often there is at least one bag in the pantry waiting to be enjoyed. While that iconic snack will always have its place, food innovation can bring excitement to the bowl.

In a recent brand announcement, the new Ruffles Ridge Twists are putting a new spin on the snacking experience. Described as having an “airy twist,” the ridges are still apparent, but different. These potato spirals can be eaten one at a time, by the handful or however a person chooses.

The new Frito-Lay snack comes in two flavors, Double Cheddar and Smoky BBQ. These flavors are similar to other offerings in the snack line. But, the new texture will change the eating experience. From the “airy” texture to the twist, there is a possibility that flavors will be more nuanced. Similar to how Kettle Chips intensify the flavor, the lighter chip might be an interesting vehicle for flavors.

More importantly, the crisp crunch will come through with every bite. From the buttery, cheesy flavors in the Double Cheddar to the sweet, smoky notes in the Smoky BBQ, there are plenty of food pairings to be enjoyed.

Looking at these two offerings, it is interesting that a traditional sour cream and chive was not offered. Maybe these new Ruffles Ridge Twists are tasty when dipped. It could add another turn to the eating enjoyment.

Ruffles Ridge Twists is a slam dunk for A’ja Wilson

As many people know, Ruffles has signed various Chip Deal athletes. A’ja Wilscon, of the Las Vegas Aces, is the latest athlete to join the team. In addition, Ruffles is now the Official Chip of the WNBA.

According to Stacy Taffet, senior vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “Now, as the Official Chip of the WNBA, we’re proud to welcome our first-ever female athlete to our roster with a flavor of her own. A’ja embodies what it means to Own Your Ridges, so we’re owning our ridges too and elevating our product game as part of this partnership by bringing fans the first-of-its-kind Ruffles Ridge Twists.”

Speaking to the new snack offerings, Wilson said, “I grew up eating Ruffles so it’s a dream come true to join the family of Chip Deal athletes and have my own signature flavor that’s inspired by my Southern roots. What’s even better is Ruffles Ridge Twists Smoky BBQ isn’t your average potato snack… it’s the first to take the shape of a twist. And this new flavor is just the beginning! Ruffles and I have a lot of exciting things coming and I can’t wait to keep this momentum going.”

While fans will have to wait to see what is next, the new Ruffles Ridge Twists will be available soon. The snacks will be sold in 5.5oz bags for $5.59 and 1.75oz bags for $2.29. Check with national retailers for availability.

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What do you think of these new Ruffles Ridge Twists? Are you excited to open a bag?