Fall beverage trends are a bushel from the apple orchard

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While pumpkin spice season might have started before the first school bell rang, other fall beverage trends have pushed the gourds back into the patch. The apple orchard is influencing many sips. From bright and tart to warm and spicy, it might be time to sip on that apple a day.

Apple is a popular fall flavor. As the orchard offers its harvest, that fruit fills the table. From a simple apple pie to a complex apple strudel, there are so many ways to enjoy the popular fruit.

This year, it seems that fall beverage trends are embracing apple flavors. Although the popularity of pumpkin spice might be reaching a saturation point, the apples offer that respite. Whether the flavor is warm and spicy or tart and bright, the apple beverages run the gamut. That variety keeps the trend from becoming tired.

Tart and bright apple fall beverage trends to sip on now

7-Eleven Green Apple Slurpee

While 7-Eleven has a variety of fall food and beverage offerings, the new 7-Eleven Green Apple Slurpee might be the surprise hit. Although some people might never stray from that classic Coca-Cola offering or may devise their special layered drink, the newest offering is one that makes impression based on the visual.

The bright green color looks like it has a special spell. Even though the traditional apple might not be quite as vibrant, the flavor delivers what people want. A touch tart mixed with sweetness makes this Slurpee flavor a must try. And, it might taste even better with some Halloween candy.

Krispy Kreme Freaky Frozen Chiller

While Krispy Kreme has put apples on many parts of its fall menu, the Freaky Frozen Chiller as part of Krispy Skreme is a new direction for the brand. The combination of green apple and wild grape presents a bold color and flavor. Forget bobbing for apples when this sweet treat is already blended and waiting to be sipped.

Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices

The newest hard seltzer from Bud Light is all about the orchard. The Apple Slices variety pack brings together both a classic apple as well as a creative fruit pairings. The combination of mango, peach and apple is a highlight that could change many people’s thoughts on fall fruits.

Waterloo Spiced Apple

Meant to evoke apple picking and apple pie, Waterloo Spiced Apple brings that sweet apple cider note but in a sparkling water format. The aromatic spices hit when the can is opened but the crisp flavor is perfectly refreshing.

Twinings Spiced Apple Chai

Tea drinkers should not be left out of the warm, comforting fall beverage flavors. The Twinings Spiced Apple Chai has all the classic spices. From a touch of spice from ginger to the savory cardamon, the spices bring out the crisp apple flavors. This tea might have some skipping that latte.

Austin Eastciders Imperial Stash: Mike’s Hot Honey Cider

Apple cider is always a favorite fall beverage but this Imperial Stash Hot Honey Cider from Austin Eastciders packs a big punch not just in bold flavor but also ABV. Coming in at 8.3% ABV, it is definitely a slow sipper versus those other sessionable ciders.

The combination of Mike’s Hot Honey with the cider is an intriguing idea. Although hot honey seemingly goes with everything, this collaboration adds another layer. From creating an adult float to pairing it with a pizza, the possibilities are endless.

Spindrift Spiced Apple

As the brand’s first limited time offering, the Spindrift Spiced Apple is a not just a new flavor but also a new category of beverages. Bringing that cider flavor but in a lighter format, both the seltzer and hard seltzer options capture the familiar but also excite by being new.

Bill Creelman, founder and CEO of Spindrift described the flavor as refreshing and drinkable. Instead of worrying about sugar, calories and carbs, this beverage is a “modern alternative.” One sip and all the favorite fall memories will come pouring back.

Both the seltzer and the hard seltzer Spindrift Spiced Apple are available at various retailers.

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What fall beverage trends quenching your thirst? Have apples finally smashed the pumpkin flavor trend?