New Zapp’s snacks have super fans under a new flavor spell

Zapp's™ Sinfully-Seasoned™ Pretzel Stix, photo provided by Zapp's
Zapp's™ Sinfully-Seasoned™ Pretzel Stix, photo provided by Zapp's /

Snack lovers never shy away from new food innovations, bold flavors and satisfying bites. For many people, the New Orleans favorite, Zapp’s, has been part of their food obsessions. Whether paired with that muffuletta or enjoyed with a burger, the robust flavors have many people feeling like dancing in the streets. Now, those favorite flavors are evolving with the new Zapp’s Sinfully-Seasoned Pretzel Stix.

Sometimes popular snack brands look to leverage favorite flavors in a new way. While the taste never deviates from what people expect, changing the format adds excitement. The slight change to the underlying ingredient can do more than just change the texture. It can amplify the flavor, make snacking more enjoyable, or just bring options to the table.

With the recent announcement regarding Zapp’s Sinfully-Seasoned Pretzel Stix, the new snack is both new and familiar. In some ways, it stands as a reminder why Zapp’s fans are so loyal to that particular kettle chip.

As Utz Brands Senior Vice President of Marketing Stacey Schultz said, “Zapp’s is a beloved brand, particularly with everyone’s favorite flavor, Voodoo. Our new Zapp’s Sinfully-Seasoned Pretzel Stix takes New Orleans-inspired flavors even further. For fans who expect big, bold flavor, Voodoo and Jazzy Honey Mustard are daringly different and sure to please.”

Available in both Voodoo and Jazzy Honey Mustard, these new pretzels capture some of that New Orleans flare. Looking specifically at Voodoo, the sweet, spicy and Cajun is unlike any other. While this flavor can be slightly intense on a kettle chip, the use on a pretzel stick creates a wave a flavor. How it settles into the cervices makes it a full flavor journey. Just like a jazz riff has ups and downs, eating these snacks hits all the flavor notes.

The other offering, the Jazzy Honey Mustard, is a take on a traditional pretzel pairing. A touch sweet, a little spicy, the familiar gets a little update.

Thinking about these two pretzels, they lend themselves to a variety of pairings. Beyond the bowl, it would be a great addition to a cheese plate, a topping on casserole or even a breading for a chicken. Like that improvised jazz song, it might be time to get a little creative in the kitchen.

Get ready to let the good times roll in the snack aisle. Zapp’s Sinfully-Seasoned Pretzel Stix is available at various retailers. The brand’s website has more information on availability.