Is the turkey board the new must have Thanksgiving food trend?

Turkey Board Thanksgiving idea from Reynolds Wrap, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap
Turkey Board Thanksgiving idea from Reynolds Wrap, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap /

From dessert boards to butter boards to even a mayo board, people cannot get enough of the food grazing serving method. Could the turkey board be the Thanksgiving food trend that will be the star of the table?

Over the years, Reynolds Wrap has offered creative Thanksgiving turkey ideas. Although grandma might not have had these recipes in her cookbook, the flavorful twists sparked a flavorful conversation around the table.

This year, Reynolds Wrap is back with several new ideas, one of which is the turkey board. This variation on the popular board idea might be the hit of the holiday season.

As Fiona Seal, senior brand manager, Reynolds Wrap said, “This year, the internet was full of incredibly creative, mouthwatering culinary and meme-able trends, and we figured, what better way to translate these food crazes than in turkey form? Our Thanksgiving turkeys are #trending and tasty. We hope you’ll swipe up on our recipes this holiday season and reach for Reynolds Wrap to ensure easy prep, easy cook and easy cleanup.”

Turkey Board from Reynolds Wrap
Turkey Board is a new Thanksgiving food trend, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap /

How to make a turkey board for Thanksgiving

The idea of the turkey board is a variation on a charcuterie board. Basically, the board holds the turkey and all the classic sides. From mashed potatoes to stuffing to even a cranberry sauce drizzle, everything is on a single, convenient serving method. Just think of the fewer dishes to wash at the end of the night.

While this idea might be great for grazing, it could be an easy idea for next day leftovers, too. Sometimes that day after meal needs a little extra excitement and a turkey board might be that option.

The turkey board is just one of several Thanksgiving food trends from Reynolds Wrap. From a corn-centric turkey to an Italian inspired pasta chip recipe, there are plenty of ideas waiting to be discovered.

Just because grandma served the same recipe year after year doesn’t mean that it always has to be that way. Maybe these culinary creations could be the flavor that makes the turkey dinner a little more exciting this year.