Doritos new commercial takes Super Bowl Sunday to another level

Doritos new commercial for the Super Bowl, photo provided by Doritos
Doritos new commercial for the Super Bowl, photo provided by Doritos /

Life can be full of dichotomies. As the saying goes, from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat, sporting events are as much about the play on the field as the experience watching the action. In the Doritos new commercial for Super Bowl LVII, Super Bowl Sunday is ready to hit a new level and they need a super fan’s help.

Over the years, Doritos and the Super Bowl have partnered on some memorable commercials. While many of the commercials had a memorable song or even a famous face, the reality is that the snack brand wants to people to stop and watch for those handful of seconds. Even more importantly, they want people to remember, talk about, and even recreate that pop culture food moment in their own way.

This year, the Doritos new commercial takes the fan and puts them in the spotlight. To support the launch of its newest flavor, Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ, the commercial is all about trying another angle. One consumer will get to appear in the commercial and get paid for that appearance. It is the moment to become the ultimate food and sports influencer.

Building on the popularity of TikTok dances the contest is open to anyone who posts #DoritosTriangleTryout and #Entry. While the suggestion is to be “bold,” the reality is that the winning entry will be more that just mesmerizing moves. It will be something different, eye catching, and potentially a game changer.

Doritos new commercial for Super Bowl
Doritos new commercial for the Super Bowl, photo provided by Doritos /

While the idea of becoming an instant star will have many people applying for the role, there will be a “mystery superstar” also in the ad. Although there are minimal clues based on the first released image, the appearance of what appears to be a Super Bowl ring might be a clue.

Over the years, Frito-Lay has leveraged many sports superstars in their commercials. Could there be a football player who is known for their dance moves that might be camera ready? Or, could it be a favorite halftime performer who is ready to show off that sweet and tangy side. There will be plenty of speculation till all is revealed.

For now, anyone who is ready for the 15 seconds (or minutes) of fame should get on TikTok to show off their new angle. Then again, maybe no movement on a TikTok dance could be the game changer that flips the script on this social media trend.