Takis Intense Nacho brings intense flavor without the spice

Steve Aoki with new Takis Intense Nacho, photo provided by Takis
Steve Aoki with new Takis Intense Nacho, photo provided by Takis /

For snack food fans, Takis has always brought big, bold flavors. While some people cannot get enough spice on their food, others would prefer to have a different option in the bag. With the new Takis Intense Nacho, the bold taste will have people grabbing another bite.

The snack food world often has various trends. Sometimes global flavors take over the conversation. Nostalgia has been a popular trend over the past couple of years. While the push to bring something new to the aisle is clear, the reality is that people want a snack that keeps them coming back for more.

With the new Takis Intense Nacho, the snack brand is targeting both the existing and a new audience. Takis fans are vocal about their love of big, bold flavors. Even if the color might take a new twist, it is the heightened flavor that makes them choose that bag over another.

In this case, the new flavor is about the extra cheesiness instead of the heat. As Sandra Kirkpatrick, Marketing Director for Takis said, “At Takis, we’re all about giving our fans what they want, so we set out to craft the ultimate recipe for an equally-daring snack that captures all of our classic intensity with none of the spice – a flavor that will surely ‘WOW’ your tastebuds. With our new Intense Nacho line, we’re introducing our first-ever, non-spicy variety and ensuring that all Takis fans can find the snack of their dreams when perusing the snack aisle.”

Takis Intense Nacho rolled chips
Takis Intense Nacho rolled chips, photo provided by Takis /

The new Takis Intense Nacho is available in three options, the traditional Rolled Chips variety as well as Takis Pop! and Takis Waves. It will be curious to see how the intensity of the nacho flavor plays on the different formats. While the waves might be able to hold more flavor in the cervices, the Rolled Chips might be the better way to appreciate the differences in the new snack food.

As part of the product launch, Takis partnered with Steve Aoki. While the popular performer, DJ and producer appreciates balanced food choices, he is not new to the snack world.

Takis Intense Nacho
Steve Aoki with new Takis Intense Nacho, photo provided by Takis /

Commenting on this brand partnership, Aoki shared, “It’s difficult to describe the exhilaration I feel before stepping on stage to perform, but the intensity of flavors in each bite of Takis snacks is a very close comparison. I’m all about keeping the energy high before, during, and after my shows, so always keeping a stash of the new Takis Intense Nacho flavor on hand is a no-brainer.”

Although the new snack might not replace cake smashing on stage, the partnership can reach a bigger audience. The connection between food, music and pop culture seems to be growing. If a brand can relate to an audience beyond eating satisfaction, they could build a lasting connection.

The new Takis Intense Nacho is starting to arrive on store shelves. The snack food will be available in various sized packaging. Prices will vary.