Tic Tac Nutella and Butterfinger buttery spread push food collaboration boundaries

Tic Tac Nutella special limited time April offering, photo provided by Tic Tac
Tic Tac Nutella special limited time April offering, photo provided by Tic Tac /

Some food combinations just work. Ideas, like Pickle Flavored Ranch, are products that will fly off store shelves. Other times food collaborations are a little outside of the box. Who would have thought that a Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream would pique people’s interest. With the new Tic Tac Nutella and Butterfinger buttery spread, the sweet and savory food crossovers have many people taking a second, or third, look.

Tic Tac has shaken up its flavor offerings over the past year. Sitting side by side with classic mint or orange are Tropical Adventure and Big Berry Adventure. The brand has even collaborated with Coca-Cola for that refreshing beverage cross over.

With the latest product, available on April 1, Tic Tac is joining forces with another Ferrero product, Nutella. The Tic Tac Nutella offering not only combines the creamy hazelnut spread flavor with mint, but it also changes the shape to the iconic Nutella Jar. Sweet, refreshing, and visually impressive, this offering has some people not believing their eyes.

Tic Tac Nutella
Tic Tac Nutella special limited time April offering, photo provided by Tic Tac /

Although this limited time offering is an extremely, extremely limited production, there could be some discussion on that flavor combination. Could this curious April offering really resonate with consumers?

Chocolate and mint are a classic combination. Fanny May is known for its mint meltaways. For people who like that flavor combination but want a smaller treat, why couldn’t there be a Tic Tac Nutella? But, this special offering will disappear on April 2.

Since Butterfinger did not want to be left out of the food creativity, it is partnering with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter to offer I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Finger. Although the baking world has captivated people with imposter cakes, it seems that the buttery spread is getting into the visual fun.

Butterfinger April offering
Butterfinger and I Can’t Believe It’s Butter collab for April, photo provided by Butterfinger /

Previously, Butterfinger has offered some curious food collaborations. Last April, Butterfinger partnered with Hellmann’s to offer a dessert mayo. Given the recent savory ice cream offerings, this idea was might have been a preview of that ranch ice cream.

During the Spring, some stores sell lamb shaped butter for the Easter table. Some restaurants carefully carve designs into the butter.

But, this I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Finger might be more appropriate for Halloween than springtime. Still, there might be some people who will want to make that pointy statement on the table. Only time will tell if carved butter will become the next big food trend.

For now, these special products will be available for one day only, April 1. After that, the food items will disappear as if they never were part of the brand’s product history.