Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer are the ultimate warm weather refreshment

Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer hit store shelves, photo provided by Topo Chico
Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer hit store shelves, photo provided by Topo Chico /

When the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures rise, quenching an unrelenting thirst is not as simple as just opening any can. The combination of flavors, the right amount of carbonation, and overall drinkability have people choosing one beverage over another. With the new Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer, the refreshing beverage blends a touch of the familiar with some flavor innovation.

Topo Chico has long been a popular beverage choice. While the iconic glass bottles might have been a visual enticement on the shelf, it is the mineral forward flavor that is always refreshing. From the hot day to the morning after a long night out, that bottle might not necessarily have mystical waters, but it was always a favorite hydration choice.

As the brand evolved, it added its hard seltzer line. Capturing the trending beverage segment, the alcoholic option had a nod to the classic mineral water but ventured out on its own. The carbonation and mouth feel had a connection but the bold flavors excited drinkers. Whether drunk on its own or paired with a robust Mexican inspired meal, there was always a reason to pour one in the glass.

Recently, Aguas Frescas have sparked an interest with beverage drinkers. The fruit forward refreshment is often bright, sometimes zesty. Although not as sweet as a fruit juice, the option helps to push aside beverage boredom.

The new Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer combines both a food trend with a trusted brand. Launched at the start of summer, it could become the must have can to have stocked in the cooler.

According to Joy Ghosh, vice president of marketing for the above premium flavor portfolio at Molson Coors Beverage, “The new Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer flavors are a delicious and refreshing addition to the Topo Chico Hard Seltzer lineup. This new lineup is full of flavor, as you’d expect from aguas frescas-style beverages, but also has the crisp, refreshing taste that Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is known for.”

Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer
Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer hit store shelves, photo provided by Topo Chico /

The four Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Hard Seltzer Flavors are Passionfruit Mango, Citrus Tamarind, Ripe Watermelon, and Hibiscus Lime. While the watermelon and even the passionfruit mango options are familiar, it is the citrus tamarind flavor that is exciting.

Tamarind is a popular flavor in Latin cuisine and seeing it used in this beverage option expands its reach. While that ingredient has a sour characteristic, the combination with the citrus adds some balance. It hits that bright, zesty yet slightly acidic note. When served with an orange slice, it is quite enjoyable. Or, even better, consider serving this beverage over ice with frozen citrus zest and/or peel within that cube.

For another creative take, the hibiscus lime option is delightful for people who want a touch of floral without it being the whole flavor. The combination of the slightly sour, yet vibrant lime makes this option a spirited choice for drinkers who enjoy a margarita but want something a little different.

When thinking about a food and beverage pairing, consider a spicy dish to offer the flavors. For example, some spicy grilled shrimp with a mango salsa might make for a wonderful dinner option.

Overall, the new Topo Chico Aguas Frescas will be a hit of the summer. The alcoholic beverages are sold in a variety pack of 12 slim cans. Check with local retailers for pricing and availability.