Liquid Light Chardonnay brings a little brightness to any occasion

Liquid Light Chardonnay, photo by Cristine Struble
Liquid Light Chardonnay, photo by Cristine Struble /

Sometimes enjoying a glass of wine does not need to be complicated. Whether it is a midafternoon escape or unwinding at the end of the day, a simple glass can whisk away the heaviness of the day. With Liquid Light Chardonnay, the brightness uplifts any occasion.

While many wine drinkers have their preferred varietal or look to play with food and beverage pairings, sometimes the pour is more simple. It does not have to a complicated discussion. Rather, it is about pushing away noise and just enjoying a glass of wine.

At the same time, some people thirst for a light, easy sipper. While the wine spritz might have a touch of effervescence, the reality is that cutting the flavor might not completely satisfy in the moment.

Lighter wines have earned their space on the shelf. It might not be front and center in the food festival circuit, but the bottles have their place. As some have discovered, the easy sipper can be quite satisfying.

With Liquid Light Chardonnay, the classic oak notes of Washington State offering are still apparent, but the overall flavor is a little more rounded. The combination of oak and stainless steel fermentation makes for a more approachable wine.

Liquid Light Chardonnay
Liquid Light Chardonnay, photo by Cristine Struble /

Even though this wine is considered light, the flavor is not diluted. The slight citrus welcomes the drinker, and its brightness adds a perkiness to the drinking experience. With melon and even star fruit, a subtle tropical note offers a nod to those effortless beach days where there isn’t a care in the world. Regardless warm breeze offering respite from the rising temperatures, enjoying a glass of Liquid Light Chardonnay feels as if a wave of refreshment washes away all the noise complicating the day.

Whether paired with a creamy brie and slowly enjoyed over an afternoon or served with a spicy shrimp pasta, the options are many. Basically, there are plenty of reasons to have a bottle chilled waiting to be enjoyed.

Liquid Light Chardonnay is available at various retailers. A 5 oz serving has 95 calories, and 2.5g carbs.