French’s Mustard flavored SKITTLES put the tang in the rainbow

French's Mustard flavored SKITTLES for National Mustard Day, photo provided by French's
French's Mustard flavored SKITTLES for National Mustard Day, photo provided by French's /

When two iconic food brands collaborate, everyone is hungry to enjoy that first taste. It might be an unexpected flavor, or it could be a touch familiar. No matter the direction, people will be talking and will want to be one of the lucky ones to enjoy that flavor. In honor of National Mustard Day, French’s Mustard flavored SKITTLES have everyone asking about that savory candy.

Over the years, French’s Mustard has offered creative food ideas for National Mustard Day. Who doesn’t remember those infamous donuts or even those mustard hot dog buns? Although mustard might be the preferred condiment for hot dogs, a flavor booster for that smoked pork shoulder, or a base for a multitude of sauces, the reality is that the tangy flavor can embrace its sweeter side.

Yellow Skittles can be a divisive flavor in that candy bag. Previously, people picked it as their least favorite flavor in the bag. While that lemon might be a touch tart, the rainbow is not complete without that bright option.

With the special, limited edition French’s Mustard flavored SKITTLES, it is time to look at that yellow candy in a whole new light. Luckily, this special offering is in a bag by itself.

French's Mustard flavored SKITTLES
French’s Mustard flavored SKITTLES for National Mustard Day, photo provided by French’s /

Valda Coryat, North America Vice President of Marketing for McCormick & Company said, “From Mustard Ice Cream to last year’s viral Mustard Donuts, this year marks the fifth time French’s has gone all out with unique, flavorful innovations to celebrate National Mustard Day. With the yellow holiday landing on August 5th, we knew we had to outdo ourselves. We are thrilled to collaborate with SKITTLES to deliver our beloved Classic Yellow Mustard tang in a new, fun way to French’s and SKITTLES fans alike.”

Speaking to this special collaboration, Ro Cheng, Marketing Director at Mars said, “SKITTLES is always looking to inspire moments of everyday happiness and deliver unexpected ways for fans to experience the brand. That’s why we’ve teamed up with French’s to create the first-of-its-kind SKITTLES that combines their tangy mustard flavor with our iconic chewy texture to deliver this unique summer treat for National Mustard Day.”

The food brands are loading up the Mustard Mobile and heading out along the East Coast. The three stops will not only be sharing the special Mustard flavored SKITTLES but will have some other fun swag to share.

The three stops include:

  • Monday, July 31: Atlanta – Ponce City Market from 11AM-3PM, 675 North Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30344
  • Wednesday, August 2: Washington D.C. – City Center from 11AM-3PM, 825 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
  • Saturday, August 5: New York City – Hudson River Park from 11AM–3PM, 555 12th Ave, New York, NY 10036

For those people not near one of the stops, they can enter to win a bag of these special SKITTLES. More information can be found at

Mustard flavored SKITTLES from French's
Mustard flavored SKITTLES from French’s, photo provided by French’s /

While this special offering may not be available in stores, it does bring up an interesting idea. Some cultures have less sweet and more savory candy offerings. Why couldn’t there be more savory candy on the shelf. Mustard can be both tangy and sweet. It might be a shocking contrast if it was included with the other rainbow flavored offerings, but there can be a place for this idea.

More importantly, why can’t there be a mustard, ketchup, relish bag of candy condiments. There are plays on candy peas and carrots. Maybe at next year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo Mars and French’s could team up on that sweet and savory idea.

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