Sam’s Club gets snacking with a bounty of flavorful snack foods

Sam’s Club Maker's Mark Beer Cheese Popcorn, photo provided by Sam's Club
Sam’s Club Maker's Mark Beer Cheese Popcorn, photo provided by Sam's Club /

All the talk of back to school activities can make people hungry. While Sam’s Club has everything needed to fill the backpack with those school essentials, it is the snack foods that everyone is grabbing off the shelf. Luckily, the cost savings ensures there can be an extra treat in that cart.

August sees favorite foods returning to the table. While the pumpkin flavors bring that taste of fall, snacks often signal the return to football season, tailgating, and even Oktoberfest. Looking at some of the special August highlights at Sam’s Club, the snack bowl is going to be overflowing with tasty treats.

One must try item is the Maker’s Mark Beer Cheese Flavored Popcorn. While pretzels and cheese might be a common combination, this snack is perfect for the tailgate, Oktoberfest celebration, or just an any time snack. Channeling the flavors from that classic pub snack, it is hard to not eat an entire bag in a single sitting.

Sam’s Club Maker's Mark Beer Cheese Popcorn
Sam’s Club Maker’s Mark Beer Cheese Popcorn, photo provided by Sam’s Club /

Continuing the popcorn conversation, SmartFood Popcorn Buffalo Wild Wings Garlic Popcorn is here. The favorite wing sauce brings its flavor to the light, airy popcorn. Given the bold flavor of this snack, it might be best to buy two bags for that next gathering.

For a sweeter offering, Sam’s Club is offering Cinnamon Toast Crunch Dunkaroos. This interactive snack brings the classic flavors of the iconic cereal to snack time. Whether enjoying with lunch or an afterschool snack, both young and old will enjoy this treat.

With the back to school season in full swing, easy, convenient food options are a must. The Member’s Mark Grilled Cheese on Texas Toast is a must. While this idea might be a quick dinner, it could also be breakfast. A little extra protein to kickstart the day is always a good idea.

Also, there are a variety of quick dinner options available. Choices like Member’s Mark Prime Rib Steak with Chimichurri Sauce and Butter Chicken can put a meal on the table in mere minutes. When the to-do list is long, convenience is key.

These items and more can be found at local Sam’s Club warehouses. Check with locations for availability and pricing.

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