Celebrity Ascent beverage program will rise above expectations

Martini Bar on Celebrity Ascent, photo provided by Celebrity Cruises
Martini Bar on Celebrity Ascent, photo provided by Celebrity Cruises /

To ascend, there must be a rising movement. Whether it is a bird taking flight or a person climbing to a higher status, the upward projection comes with a sense of promise, a desire to appreciate the moment, to enjoy the new experience on the horizon. As the newest Edge Series ship looks to begin its journey, Director of Beverage Operations at Celebrity Cruises, Inc., Daniele Salamone offers a taste of how the cruise ship will be shaking up the Celebrity Ascent beverage program.

As the newest ship to join the Edge Series, Celebrity Ascent opens its chapter into the journey wonderful. While it is the first ship to have two sisters as godmothers, Captain Sandy Yawn (Below Deck) and Michelle Dunham, that item is one of many announcements which show how the latest launch is rising to new heights.

After revealing some of the new dining options on board, Daniele Salamone, Director of Beverage Operations at Celebrity Cruises, Inc., shared some insight on the Celebrity Ascent beverage program. In some ways, this conversation could have people thirsty for that first sip at the infamous World Famous Bar.

New on the Celebrity Ascent is the ship’s partnership with WhistlePig. While the celebrated liquor brand has impressed drinkers with its creativity in its various offerings, it is the combination of the farm and fearlessness that ensures every offering is superb.

When asked about Celebrity Ascent’s collaboration with WhistlePig, Salamone shared. “We always look at the sustainability of our product and the integrity of our partnerships. Bourbon and rye whiskey have become a hot commodity these days. We’ll commence our partnership by bringing guests to our Craft Social and the World Class to experience our blends in cocktails or for a tasting experience. WhistlePig is ready to support our demand and we are working with onboard partners (gift shops) to sell our blend in the future. This is just the beginning of a unique partnership.”

Whether it is the first time that the guests enjoy a WhistlePig pour or discover one of the unique blends onboard, that availability to have the drinking experience after disembarking is key. It keeps that cruise experience front in mind with just a sip.

Although cocktails are often an indulgence on vacation, many people enjoy balancing their beverage options. The rise of the mocktail and non-alcoholic beverages has become a necessary part of the cruising experience.

Speaking to those options on board Celebrity Ascent, Salamone commented, “Celebrity Ascent will hold the most Zero Proof offerings than any other Celebrity Cruises ship has experienced. We value the guest demand but also notice that non-alcoholic offerings are on trend. We have worked with some of our partners to express multiple options for our guests, from a gin & tonic to a spicy margarita — no one will be disappointed.”

Martini Bar on Celebrity Ascent
Martini Bar on Celebrity Ascent, photo provided by Celebrity Cruises /

Whether the beverage is with or without alcohol, the beverage’s presentation enhances the enjoyment. The signature show at the Martini Bar is just one example. From the cocktails in Eden to decanting a wine, the presentation makes the moment memorable.

As Salamone said, “The visual in any cocktail is always the additional details that are set in the premium section. From our Flair Bartenders to our Mixologist, Celebrity Cruises delivers a unique show with any guest interaction.”

Celebrity Cruises is always looking to make the moment special. It can be a quiet hour sipping tea with a biscotti or the boisterous night out. No matter the situation, the hand is often cradling a glass.

More importantly, those beverages can be a connection the experiences and locales off the ship. It comes a version of a totally immersive experience.

Salamone asserted, “Pushing the boundaries is what sets you apart from the other brands. Considering the cruise market is expanding in every part of the world, we continue to bring the destination experiences onboard for our guests. Our Sommeliers are meticulously pairing every dish from an extensive wine list. Based on the itinerary of our vessels, we adjust our offerings.”

The opportunity to quench that thirst for the next great food and travel adventure awaits. The Celebrity Ascent beverage program will quench the thirst of even the most discernible guest.

Celebrity Ascent is the fourth ship in the Edge Series. It will start its inaugural season in December 2023 with Carribean itineraries.

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