How much does the average person spend on movie concessions?

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While the Barbenheimer moment might be starting to fade from the conversation, the reality is that people enjoy spending a couple hours in the dark, mesmerized by the big screen. From action sequences to laughs, those moments make people hungry and thirsty for more. How much does the average person spend on movie concessions?

Whether it is combining M&M’S with popcorn, a bag of Twizzlers, or even loving those controversial SnoCaps, it is hard to avoid the concession stand purchase at the movie theater. Even if the videos of dancing popcorn and drinks might be a distant memory, the reality is that food and movies seem to go hand in hand.

According to a recent survey, it was reported that “the average movie goer spends $16.43 on concessions.” Whether that number seems high or low, the reality is that people are not just watching the movie. They want something to eat and drink in their hands.

While people can debate their favorite movie theater candy or the need of that butter flavored topping on popcorn, the reality is that people are choosing to watch a movie food and beverage in their hand.

Thinking about the dollar amount spent, it might appear that the purchase is small. It might not be a food feast, but it could be that small popcorn and drink. Given the rising costs, $16 purchase does not seem as exuberant as it could be.

One this is quite clear from this survey, the preferred drink is empathically Coca-Coca. Although the phrase “nation’s ultimate cinematic beverage” might be over the top, the reality is that people are drinking this cola beverage at the movies. But, it might be because that Coca-Cola freestyle machine is the only option available.

Many people love the opportunity to create that personalized beverage. Whether it is a splash of flavored Diet Coke with half a Sprite or something that combines several flavors in a single cup, the reality is that people are ready to fill that empty cup with a Coca-Cola beverage.

The next time the newest blockbuster hits the big screen, remember to budget a little extra for that food and drink option. Adding $16 to the cost of going out might avoid the shock to the wallet. After all, the only shock and surprise should come from that last minute movie plot twist.

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