Upgrade the Thanksgiving feast with these bougie turkey recipes

Bougie turkey recipes from Reynolds Wrap
Bougie turkey recipes from Reynolds Wrap /

While grandma might have always served an impeccable Thanksgiving feast, some cooks might prefer an upgrade. These bougie turkey recipes from Reynolds Wrap will have everyone eating with their pinky out and enjoying the luxurious food experience.

Food trends ebb and flow. Although nostalgia continues to influence the family gathering, some people want a little more with that traditional poultry platter. If the table is set with crystal and China, shouldn’t the turkey get a little dressed up, too?

That juxtaposition of extravagance with familiar food is a big trend. Caviar on Pringles is a prime example. People want to show that they can have it all, but they do not necessarily have to push aside the foods and flavors that have been part of their everyday life. Yes, truffles can be grated on grandma’s gnocchi. It might not be how she serve it, but the flavor is one that would get her approval.

bougie turkey recipes from Reynolds Wrap
Bougie turkey recipes from Reynolds Wrap /

That sentiment is driving this year’s Reynolds bougie turkey recipes. While the brand has never been afraid to push the flavor and creativity with their takes on turkey, this year they are making an impressive statement on the table.

As Emmanuel de Luca, senior brand manager, Reynolds Wrap said, “We want to lean into this ‘treat culture’ trend of our consumers. These turkeys are an elevated version of the typical main dish, offering the opportunity to indulge in little luxuries and an unforgettable culinary experience this holiday season with the help of Reynolds Wrap for easy prep, cooking and hassle-free cleanup.”

What are the new bougie turkey recipes from Reynolds?

For 2023, Reynolds released three new bougie turkey recipes. The description references the high end ingredients that flavor the bird. It might not be the option for everyone’s budget, but it will get a third or fourth take as people sit down at the holiday table.

The three recipes are: Crème de la Caviar Turkey, 24K Truffle Turkey, and Luxe Lobster Turkey. The names give a glimpse into the recipe. Unlike that turkey price rollbacks at other stores, these turkeys will require a substantial cash outlay.

24K Truffle Turkey bougie turkey recipe Reynolds
24K Truffle Turkey from Reynolds Wrap /

The 24K Truffle Turkey may not have people singing Bruno Mars, but it is smothered in glorious truffles. Covered in Black Truffle and 24 Carat Gold, it is the epitome of luxury. Some people might consider this offering over the top, but it is worth the opulence.

Plus, the flavors of earthy black truffle and turkey work well together. While the rest of the bird should be simply dressed, that single, composed bite is almost swoon worthy.

Taking a different approach to a turkey brine, the Crème de la Caviar Turkey combines that potato chip and caviar trend in a different way. The brined turkey has the saltiness. With a potato chip topping for crunch, there is something about the contrasts in flavors, textures, and monetary status that makes this bird hard to beat.

luxe lobster turkey bougie turkey recipes from Reynolds Wrap
Luxe Lobster turkey from Reynolds Wrap /

Lastly, the Luxe Lobster Turkey is a twist on a lobster roll. Given that lobster was part of the first Thanksgiving, the food combination is not too far of a stretch. This idea could be the new surf and turf preference for the holidays.

These bougie turkey recipes and more can be found on the Reynolds website. In addition, the brand has other tips and tricks to ensure that the best bird is presented on that Thanksgiving table.

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