Matt James and Lay’s serve the ultimate Friendsgiving Potato Dish, interview

Friendsgiving Potato Dish from Lay's and Matt James, photo provided by Lay's
Friendsgiving Potato Dish from Lay's and Matt James, photo provided by Lay's /

While some people might set the table with a beautiful floral arrangement for the holiday, others prefer that the food takes center stage. With a little help from Lay’s and Matt James, this Friendsgiving Potato Dish will have everyone talking.

Gathering around the table can be a spirited event. Whether it is a chosen family or the ones who have been there since birth, the reality is that people crave togetherness. Even if the conversation can go sideways, the truth is that people hunger for those memorable moments.

Even though the back and forth might bring the spice, each dish must make a statement. Luckily, the Friendsgiving Potato Dish will not only have people asking for seconds but also have them talking long after the meal is finished.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Matt James about his Friendsgiving Potato Dish, the inspiration behind it, and the optimum place to sit at the next holiday gathering.

While there may be a bougie turkey or a helping casserole of dressing, potatoes often take up prime space on that dinner plate. People might debate the consistency, textures, or seasonings, but the meal is not complete without those spuds.

This year, Matt James recommends a new dish for the holiday feast, Friendsgiving Potato Dish. Instead of peeling, boiling, and mashing, Lay’s Potato Chips are the base for this TikTok inspired recipe. With a generous amount of butter, milk, and Old Bay, one forkful will have some people feeling that they found their perfect match.

Explaining this dish, James said, “I tried the online idea and thought how can we make this even better. It takes all the things that I love, like butter and milk, and combines it with Lay’s real potatoes. It might not be too different from mashed potatoes, but the flavor is a game changer.”

The flavor twist in this recipe comes from the Old Bay seasoning. As James said, “it is a nod to my DMV friends. During crab season, I love covering crabs in that Old Bay seasoning. And, it is equally good on chips, or French fries hot from the frier.” This recipe captures that flavor yet makes it even more comforting for the holiday table.

That underlying idea is at the heart of many Friendsgiving celebrations. The blending of traditions creates a sense of community. As James commented, “When you bring together all different types of people with different backgrounds, it is an opportunity for them to share their cultures. It is like a cultural potluck experience. What better way to showcase the American culture than with mashed potatoes?”

While those potatoes deserve prime space on the table, how people enjoy that serving can differ. When asked whether his potatoes would get covered with some gravy, James said, “Without getting too controversial, if someone creates the perfect mashed potatoes, why would you do the dish a disservice by covering it?”

Friendsgiving Potato Dish from Lay's and Matt James
Friendsgiving Potato Dish from Lay’s and Matt James, photo provided by Lay’s /

After ensuring that the food satisfies, the only thing left to settle is the seating arrangements at that holiday table. For James, the choice is an unexpected one. But, when it is time to avoid those uncomfortable conversations, the choice is obvious.

He said, “the kids table is the place to be. There is no shame sitting there. I want to sit at the kids table every year. The adults can be boring, and no one wants those difficult conversations. The kids table is the place to be.”

From hosting that Friendsgiving or bringing a dish to share around the table, the Friendsgiving Potato Dish will have everyone talking for years to come. And, Lay’s is giving away some special kits. More information can be found on the Lay’s Instagram channel. The giveaway is open through November 12.

Ready to serve some extra flavor this holiday season? A dish flavored with intention and gratitude will satisfy that group gathered around the table.

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