Aubrey Plaza is having a blast, a MTN DEW Baja Blast, anywhere and everywhere

It appears that Aubrey Plaza is joining the Dew Nation and celebrating MTN DEW Baja Blast’s widespread availability. In this SBLVIII commercial, that iconic beverage is perfectly refreshing everywhere and anywhere.
Aubrey Plaza in MTN DEW Baja Blast SBLVIII commercial
Aubrey Plaza in MTN DEW Baja Blast SBLVIII commercial / MTN DEW

Another Super Bowl LVIII commercial will have pop culture fans cheering. In the MTN DEW Baja Blast ad, Aubrey Plaza shows how MTN DEW Baja Blast is refreshing anywhere and everywhere. With a little help from Nick Offerman, the pair are ready to soar off to enjoy the ultimate beverage enjoyment.  

When it comes to the Big Game, the excitement about the commercials often stems from a connection to the images on the screen. Whether it is a favorite celebrity poking fun at one of their iconic characters or a scene featuring a favorite food or beverage that is part of the game day celebration, making the viewer feel included in the conversation is key.  

From hilarious skits to heartfelt moments, the most talked about moments are the ones that make people stop and watch. It is more than just the celebrity wow factor. That “it” factor takes hold.  

As seen in the MTN DEW Baja Blast Super Bowl LVIII commercial, the combination of real and fantasy has the Dew Nation cheering for more.  

While the message is meant to celebrate Baja Blast’s big anniversary and wider availability, there is something to talk about with this commercial. It might not be counting melons to win a prize, but it resonates with the adventurous side that the Dew Nation celebrates.

Even if flying off on a dragon is unrealistic, anyone can enjoy a Baja Blast while jetting off to an epic experience. Or, maybe that crisp, citrus beverage is the mental escape when life gets too overwhelming.  

Will the MTN DEW Baja Blast be a top commercial during the Big Game? That answer remains to be seen, but the Dew Nation’s favorite flavor should be part of Sunday’s football celebration.