Big game party essentials every host needs but often forgets

Food, beverages, and decor fill the shopping list, but these big game party essentials cannot be forgotten.
Football party food
Football party food / Mark Makela/GettyImages

Whether the event has a food theme, favorite recipes, or just a bounty of deliciousness, big game party essentials are more than just copious amounts of chips and dips. Party hosts should have these items ready for that event.  

A great event does not require paying a party planner to ensure that every napkin is folded into a decorative art piece. The big game party essentials are just as important as a plate of sliders and a cooler full of beverages. But, is the list complete?  

From small gatherings to filling the house with people, the food might be talked about in the moment, but what is said the morning after is even more important. Even if the party host parses every detail and nuance, it is the feeling, experience, or vibe that people remember most. In some cases, it is thinking ahead that makes the event appear seamless.  

Do not forget these big game essentials.  

Keep food appetizing and hot with Sterno 

There is nothing worse than a congealed, cold dish. Having some serving pans placed over a Sterno is the perfect choice for a big food table. The long lasting, easy to use heat source is a perfect option for a party. From ensuring those cheesy potatoes are hot to even just keeping buns warm for some hot dogs, the versatility is tremendous.  

Keep beverages fresh with a great mixer 

While some people might grab a beer, soda, or other beverage in a can or bottle, others would prefer to shake up something fun. A great mixer that can be used in a cocktail or a mocktail is must.  

Fresh Victor is that beverage. While the beverage brand has numerous cocktail and mocktail recipes for any occasion, it is easy to allow people to be a little creative. When the guess work is removed, everyone feels like a master mixologist.  

One great idea is to use the Fresh Victor Lemon Sour with a wheat beer to make a shandy or, even use the grapefruit with sea salt. The same beverage can be used with sparkling water and a fun garnish to make a vibrant mocktail, too.  Why not let the guests be creative, after all it is a new era.

Calm the nerves and the stomach 

The big game can come with overindulgence. It might be nervousness, or it could be not backing down from that chicken wing eating challenge. No matter the situation, a rumbling stomach can ruin the night.  

Having some Tums in the bathroom can be a great idea. While that container does not have to be front and center on the coffee table, a cute note and a basket in the bathroom can make guests feel at ease.  

Give guests a little hydration for the road 

Even if some brands are petitioning to get Monday to be a work holiday, the morning after the big game can be a little slow. Why not send guests home with a hydration boost. A bottle of BodyArmor Flash IV or other electrolyte beverage can be a thoughtful parting gift.  

Make sure to add a few extras to that big game party essentials list. The host might not be vying for a championship title, but they do not want to be benched for next year.