DoorDash's Super Bowl LVIII commercial is guaranteed to have everyone watching

While some people may place a big game order via the platform, the DoorDash Super Bowl LVIII commercial might have everyone hitting pause on that screen. Who will walk away with an epic prize?

DoorDash Super Bowl LVIII commercial
DoorDash Super Bowl LVIII commercial / DoorDash

Even though the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are battling for ultimate NFL glory, the 30 seconds clips between those downs often get attention before, during, and after the game. The DoorDash Super Bowl LVIII commercial might be the most talked about moment of the night.  

Every brand wants to have a big game moment that is remembered long after the confetti is swept away. It could be a special catch phrase, a heartwarming moment, or an idea that resonates with viewers.  

In addition, the big game often involves some giveaways. Restaurants and brands can offer free pizza for the doink, deals on chicken wings, and other special food promotions.  

This year, DoorDash is going to extremes with its Super Bowl LVIII commercial. It might not be winning the lottery, but it is a bounty could be life-changing for many.  

Speaking abuot this special commercial, Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, CMO, DoorDash said, ”DoorDash was founded 10 years ago with a simple mission: grow and empower local economies. What started out as connecting consumers with their favorite local restaurants has transformed into a multi-category marketplace where you can get pretty much anything from your local neighborhood delivered – from food, to flowers, alcohol, retail items, and more – straight to your door. We believe there's no better way to showcase what's possible with DoorDash than literally delivering all the Big Game ads to one lucky winner." 

What can be won in the DoorDash Super Bowl LVIII commercial?  

While many people turn to DoorDash for that food order, the service is more than just delivery of those chicken wings. The service looks to be the one-stop shop for everything that people want to buy.  

For this epic promotion, one lucky person will win everything in the commercial. Check out this teaser.  


While it is hard to see the vast amount of potential prizes, DoorDash is continually adding prizes to the pot. Available at to see all the items being added to the cart.

So far there are items from MTN DEW, OREO, Popeyes, and more. And, there will be even be a car added to the prize package.  

Be sure to watch the DoorDash Super Bowl LVIII commercial carefully for a chance to win this epic prize package. It might not be a trip to Disney World, but it is a huge celebratory moment.