This Easter candy has become a new holiday favorite

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While the Easter bunny might need to hop to it to finish filling those bountiful baskets, a new Easter candy has joined the must have list. Nestled alongside those jelly beans and eggs is a chocolate treat with a little extra inside.

Although Halloween and Valentine’s Day might seem like candy centric holidays, Easter is often filled with sweet offerings. From the sometimes divisive PEEPS to the beloved Reese’s peanut butter eggs, people cannot resist those little sugary delights.

Instacart recently polled shoppers to appreciate which Easter candy is their must have food for the celebration. While everyone assumed the usual suspects would be on that top 10 list, a new food choice found its way onto the list.

Kinder Joy, which combined that creamy chocolate and crispy wafer with a toy inside, earned the sixth place on the top 10 Easter candy list. It is unclear whether people enjoy this treat for the interactive nature of the candy, the fun toy, or both. But, the candy is earning its place in the top 10.

Additionally, one of the reasons why people are resonating with the Kinder Joy could be that some of those egg shaped containers are themed. From popular cartoon characters to classic toys, the Kinder candy could build on a total Easter basket theme.

While some people might be creative when it comes to stocking that Easter basket, traditional candy favorites are top purchases for the holiday season. With jelly bean candy sales surging the week before the holiday, people want those traditional, almost nostalgic items.

Even though many of today’s jelly bean flavors are innovative and creative, it is the colorful array of sugar in a bowl or on a table that makes people smile. Whether if people just eat a few or devour a whole bag, it seems that the occasion is not complete without having one of those candies.

And, if hitting the store is not on the to-do list with all the holiday rush. Remember Instacart can make quick work of that shopping. Whether it is Reese’s peanut butter eggs, a Lindt chocolate bunny, a dozen Kinder Joy eggs, or even those regular eggs for decorating and the Easter ham, the popular service makes shopping convenient.