Gopuff scores big with new Tom Brady partnership

Gopuff announces its Tom Brady partnership
Gopuff announces its Tom Brady partnership / Gopuff

As more consumers discover the delivery efficiency and superb private label products, Gopuff expands its reach and continues to grow. In a recent company announcement, its Tom Brady partnership continues to set the brand apart with its latest development.

Although he might not be throwing touchdowns on the gridiron, Tom Brady’s influence is tremendous. Many people have turned to his TB12 line for an edge in their health and wellness lifestyle choices. The connection between food, sports, and culture only continues to strengthen companies' desire to align with partners that support their strategic vision.

The new Gopuff and Tom Brady collaboration is more than the ability to order TB12 or NoBull products on the next shopping order. The partnership will expand to exclusive product collaborations in the health and wellness space. While no one is saying that these potential new food and/or beverage items will instantly add yardage to that football pass, it could inspire people to appreciate a more balanced lifestyle or implement some new concepts to their daily food menus.

As seen with previous exclusive Gopuff offerings, exclusive collaborations, especially with sports figures, have proven quite successful. Many consumers want a connection with the brands that they purchase. While value continues to be front and center, the story behind the brand and the concepts that it represents matter. When faced with a choice between two products, people want to feel that their money spent is worth it and represents a concept that aligns with their beliefs.

Gopuff has leaned into those concepts in many ways. From its brand partnerships to its company policies, it continues to ensure that consumer satisfaction is front and center. Each new endeavor is not throwing a dart at the board and hoping it hits the mark. The choices need to continue the momentum that has been building.

The Tom Brady partnership will rollout over time. Hopefully, by the start of football season, the offerings will be front and center in people’s minds. Will it change how people approach their tailgating purchase or influence their next football watching party? Only time will tell. But, having convenient access to some TB12 products could keep them energized for the long season.