Norwegian Aqua dining options embrace trending flavors and concepts

Norwegian Aqua dining options, Sukhothai, Thai restaurant
Norwegian Aqua dining options, Sukhothai, Thai restaurant / Norwegian Cruise Line

While endless food options and constantly full glasses might represent indulgence on a cruise, the new Norwegian Aqua invites guests to explore trending food flavors and concepts during their journey. Appreciating that culinary creativity spans the globe, these new NCL dining options might push cruise food and beverages in a new direction.

When Norwegian Cruise Line launched its Prima Class of ships, the company understood that it wanted to be more than just the first to conqueror certain food and beverage concepts. From its Indulge Food Hall to its sustainable-focused beverage options, these carefully crafted offers are more than just gimmicks to lure guests to book a vacation. They are a response to what experiences travelers want, great food and beverages that mimic their personal choices on land. Sailing the open waters does not mean that people completely deviate from their preferred lifestyle choices.

According to David J. Herrera, president of Norwegian Cruise Line, “Discovering new flavors and dining experiences is such a memorable part of any vacation, especially when you share it with those who matter most to you. Expanding on our award-winning food and beverage program, we’re looking forward to bringing new concepts to life aboard Norwegian Aqua, while continuing to deliver on the variety of available offerings and value that NCL delivers.

With the Norwegian Aqua, the cruise ship set to sail in 2025 pushes the culinary envelope once again. Expanding on its successful Indulge Food Hall concept, it will include Planterie, a plant-based food concept.

This dining option is more than just another plate of greens. The plant-based bowls use creative interpretations to ensure not only a vividly plated dish but a bounty of flavor on every plate. From the use of smoked tempeh to spiced vegetables, the chefs appreciate that a plant-based dish requires robust flavors to satisfy.

Adding this plant-based option to the Indulge Food Hall is smart. While many cruise ships have expended their vegetarian and vegan options on board, a focused, smaller dining location ensures that everyone can have a moment of respite from all the indulgence enjoyed on a cruise. Sometimes that extra serving of vegetables can make the perfectly seared steak even more enjoyable.

In addition to Planterie, Norwegian Aqua will feature Sukhothai, a Thai specialty restaurant. While Asian, specifically Japanese restaurants, are quite popular on cruise ships, the choice to add a Thai restaurant sets NCL apart from others.

Given that Thai food can include a plethora of curry options, the restaurant might become the must-have reservation for the vacation. The diverse menu, with both traditional and innovative takes on dishes will appease both the food adventurer and the person who prefers to stay in their lane. While the inviting décor sets the tone, the ambiance does not fall into the kitschy realm.

These two options are just a small sampling of the food and beverage offerings on the new NCL Aqua. Other additions include the Swirl Wine Bar, a redesigned Commodore Room, redesigned Metropolitan Bar, as well as other changes to many of its bars and restaurants.

Norwegian Aqua is set to embark on its inaugural season in 2025. Departing from Port Canaveral, Florida, 7-Day Caribbean itineraries will begin in April 2025.