Mastering the quintessential Icon of the Seas bar crawl

Various cocktails on Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas
Various cocktails on Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas / Cristine Struble

While Icon of the Seas impressed with its many neighborhoods, substantial size, and entertainment at every turn, the food and beverage program has guests waking up early and staying up late to enjoy every bite and sip. For those guests who want to quench their thirst, the quintessential Icon of the Seas bar crawl should be on their must do, check off list.  

Sometimes people choose to have a little fun with beverages on vacation. Whether it is drinking around the world at a favorite theme park or strolling the streets of the Big Easy, there are various moments where people step away from the straight and narrow to enjoy a libation or a few.  

While a bar crawl might imply drinking alcohol, each and every bar on Icon of the Seas has a flavorful mocktail. This idea can easily be swapped to non-alcoholic options instead. For the sake of this conversation, cocktails are the focus.  

And, as anyone can appreciate during a festive and fun bar crawl, hydration (non-alcohol hydration) is key. Taking that water break or sipping on some water with that cocktail is always a good idea.  

How many bars are on Icon of the Seas?  

Given the vastness of Icon of the Seas, the beverage team was up to the task of blending new, innovative experiences with familiar favorites. Across the various neighborhoods, there are not only activities to fill the day but food and beverage options to quench any thirst and satisfy every hunger. Just like the multi-generational family vacation appeals to all ages, the breadth and depth of options appeals to every palate.  

With 10 new bars joining other returning favorites, it is a monumental task to fit in a stop at every location. Luckily, the 7-day itinerary allows guests to space out that sipping satisfaction throughout the vacation. From a leisurely morning with a zesty Bloody Mary to a late-night riff on a sazerac listening to jazz music fade into the night, there is a beverage that can pair with any and every moment.  

In some ways, this Icon of the Seas bar crawl is less of a go in order, drink one after another adventure that could have people walking a little crooked without the waves in the ocean. It is more a suggestion of favorite cocktails and must try locales on Icon of the Seas.  

Since many guests opt to purchase the beverage package on board, it can be a great way to experiment with different choices. While the Pina Colada is will always be on the menu, why not step away from the tropical delight and try a carajillo or start to appreciate the floral notes of a great gin cocktail. And, if you do not get past the third sip, you can always try something else.  

A great start to the day can begin in the 1400 Lobby Bar. While the signature 1400 Cocktail is a show stopper with its smoke bubble presentation, the Pink Pony, a homage to the first carousel at sea, is zesty, bright, and an easy drinking cocktail. The slight tartness from the grapefruit contrasted with the sweetness of the St. Germain Elderflower liqueur is fun. It is far from a kid cocktail, but it does have a little whimsical side. Maybe it will even convince you to ride on the narwhal in the Surfside carousel.  

Strolling over to the Surfside area, the Lemon Post has a robust menu of both cocktails and mocktails. While the cocktails are quite good, the mocktails should not be overlooked. The Cocoberry Lemonade is a touch sweet but quite refreshing. The coconut water adds a lovely mouthfeel, and the color is equally as enticing. These beverages might be in the family friendly area, but they are far from juvenile.  

For adults looking to have their own moment of escapism, the Hideaway is the spot. Consider grabbing an Oh Mai Gawd, a potent take on a Mai Tai, and a comfortable chair by the railing. As the ship cuts across the water, the view and the libation might have you appreciating the exclamatory sentiment.  

With a hunger for a little snack, it can be a great idea to stroll over to El Loco Fresh and Cantina Fresca. The Fuego Fiesta, which includes guava syrup, strawberry puree, and hot honey, hits that great balance of sweet heat. When enjoyed with some nachos, it is a delightful break during the afternoon.  

For those who are wanting to dive into the first swim up bar at sea, Swim and Tonic is a must stop. The tonic-centric bar is quite the place to hang out. Although some people appreciate the new Lime and Coconut Frozen Cocktail bar, the pool is the place to be.  

The variety of tonic cocktails at Swim and Tonic is quite impressive. For anyone who loves a gin and tonic but wants a little twist, the Limoncello Tonic is a must order. On a sunny day, it feels like a taste of the Amalfi coast.  

When it is time to put the swimsuit away but it is not quite the dinner hour, a stop at Izumi in the Park for a snack and a beverage from the Trellis Bar or Bubbles is a great choice. From sparkling wine cocktails to the Passionfruit Spritz, these options pair well with a little bite of sushi or an order of dumplings.  

After dinner but before watching a show in the Aquadome a stop at Rye and Bean is a must. Although it can be difficult to pass over the classic espresso martini, the Chai Old Fashion is a must order. From the moment the Woodford Reserve bourbon is poured over the chai tea and cinnamon stick, the aroma entices. The cocktail is smooth, intriguing, and the perfect accompaniment to watching the performance in the Aquadome.  

Lastly, consider ending the night at Lou’s Jazz ‘N Blues. The lounge feel might not be as energetic as the vivacious bars along the Royal Promenade, but the space is the perfect spot to wind down for the night. If the robust B-Flat Negroni is a little too bold for the uninitiated, the Jazzy Saz hits all the right notes. Sometimes a little playfulness in a cocktail just feels right.  

These cocktails from the many Icon of the Seas bars are just a few of the numerous options throughout the ship. Most of the bars have a specialty cocktail. From the Schooner Bar to Dueling Pianos, some people might make it their quest to try them all. In addition, every location has multiple mocktail options to enjoy as well.  

Whether it is an Icon of the Seas bar crawl, desire to step out of the beverage comfort zone, or just throwing caution to the wind and living that best vacation life, the truth is that Royal Caribbean’s icon of the Seas offers it all. With icon in the ship’s name, did anyone expect anything less?