Samuel Adams at 40: Pursuing a better beer for passionate beer drinkers

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While your cousin from Boston might have a “wicked” opinion on his favorite beer, the iconic Samuel Adams turns 40 and it is reason to celebrate. From the classic Boston Lager to the innovative Utopias, Jim Koch’s desire to make a better beer continues to drive the brand today.

Within the beer world, certain brands are always trusted. Even though there can be a beverage trend or a food collaboration that gets people talking, the beer that delivers great taste with every pour brings people back time and again.

Over the past 40 years, Samuel Adams has become that beer for many drinkers. Whether it is the iconic Boston lager, a seasonal offering, or a limited release, the beer brand understands that its flagship beer is always the standard but showcasing their craft will always be part of the story.

When Jim Koch sought to create his beer brand, the concept was simple, to make a better beer. Using his great-great grandfather’s recipe, it was more than just hoping hops would brew a force in the craft beer movement. That first batch made in his kitchen might have been unlike anything anyone had tasted, but it is one that resonated with beer drinkers. One taste and people appreciated the passion behind the brew.

That willingness to do better and to be innovative continues to fuel the beer brand today. From expanding into the NA category with Just the Haze to the popular Oktoberfest seasonal offering, the company understands that longevity happens when beer drinkers trust the product.

That versatility allows the beer drinker to experiment when the mood hits. While the classic Boston Lager is always a refreshing choice, warm sunny days can call for a Summer Ale, with its bright citrus notes. In turn, the winter months and those chilly days feel a little cozier with a Old Fezzwig Ale.

Since Samuel Adams has had much success, the brand continues to assist the next generation of beer innovators. The annual Brewing the American Dream has given food and beverage entrepreneurs the mentorship and platform to springboard their ideas to a wider audience. That collaboration is part of the reason why Samuel Adams is an integral part of the Craft Beer movement.

While the first 40 years have been tremendous for Samuel Adams, the future is even more promising. Given its strong foundation and the pursuit of excellence, there is no limit to what Samuel Adams can achieve. Whether it is a new innovation in the Utopias’ extreme beer movement or a new NA or low-alc bees, your cousin from Boston will be leading the way.